View Full Version : Getting a new rabbit

Cavy Tamer
09-13-05, 01:18 am
So my beloved bunny just died. When would be a good time to get another one? How long is a good mourning period?

I'm just asking because I don't have much experience with pets dying.

09-13-05, 06:17 am
I'm sorry that you lost your precious little companion.

The answer to this is simple, no one here can tell you when the appropriate time for YOU to end your grieving is. You will know. And when you do know, then that will be the time for you to consider adopting a new family member. :heart:

09-13-05, 07:16 am
1st you need to know why your first rabbit died to make sure its not something in your home. Then clean the space well before adding a new bun. Once you know it wasnt the environment that played a role in the rabbit passing and you feel ready you can add another. It is important not to guess as to what killed the rabbit, you should contact your vet for his advice as well before adding another.

Sorry for your loss.