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09-12-05, 10:50 pm
I am going to go tomorrow afternoon and look at a rescue rabbit at someone's house. They already have two and are trying to find it a new home (they rescued it from an abandoned home) So they don't know how old she is, but said she is spayed. Our male rabbit is fixed also. He's a house bunny with plenty of out of cage time, she's always been in a pen, but a large, two floor one.

So we are thinking we will bring him along tomorrow to see how they get along. What is the best way to introduce them? Should we just take her out of her cage and put them in a neutral place together? What kind of behavior is acceptable when new rabbits meet, and what is the deal braker?

09-13-05, 07:14 am
rabbits arent like guinea pigs when it comes to bonding. Bonding two rabbits can take months before you can cage them together. Take them both to a spot in the house where neither of them has been to introduce them. You can visit www.rabbit.org (http://www.rabbit.org) for more info on bonding. They may mount one another that is fine and they may nip one another, if its hard biting stop the session. Just because they may fight at first doesnt mean they cant be friends it just may take longer. Please review the site I provided as it can offer more advice on bonding. Most important is for your bun to pick its friend, not you. Best of luck

09-13-05, 02:33 pm
I agree with kimberly in that it should be done in neutral territory. You mentioned that they have other rabbits as well, ideally the "neutral territory" should be a place where no rabbits have been. The different rabbit smells can be distracting.

Normal and acceptable behavior will probably include a moderate amount of mounting, chasing, and nipping. If either rabbit seems harassed or extremely stressed, then they should be seperated for at least a few minutes. You should allow some mounting, but break it up when it becomes excessive. If a fight breaks out, seperate them immediately. Depending on the severity of the fight, it may not be a good idea to reintroduce them.

Some good signs include the rabbits ignoring each other (which means they don't see each other as a threat) and/or grooming. Another good sign may include one of the rabbits acting submissive and allowing the other rabbit to mount him/her.

Good Luck!

09-13-05, 02:36 pm
Great thank you. I read the website and sounded like what made fairly common sense to me anyways. But the lady emailed this morning and said our arranged time didn't work for her this evening and she had someone looking at the rabbit this morning, so doesn't sound like we'll be even seeing her :-( She looked really cute and came with a big cage too. Oh well. THe right one will come along, we're not in a rush.

09-13-05, 02:39 pm
The right one will come along, glad to see you are willing to wait for it to happen. I have tired to bond my male to several ladies but no love has caught his eye. I was going to a different bonding session weekly until I decided to give it a rest for a bit. That was a year ago. I am just now starting to play match maker again, would be easier if they could talk and tell you what they want in a mate, would make this love quest so much easier :)