View Full Version : Hiya :) new here and a new cavy mom too.

01-28-14, 02:46 pm
Hi, I'm Raegan :) I'm new to the Guinea pig world, but have quickly become attached to my babies. I've been reading everything I can about them, learning new ways to hold them and what to feed them etc. I have no idea what kind my guinea pigs are , if there Roan, or what. I currently have 3, 2 boys Sebastian and Spartacus, and one girl Serena (I was going for two girls but they only had one, so I'm still looking for a cage-mate for Serena:) i'm including pictures of my piggies and their cages, in hopes that someone can tell me what kind they are.

01-28-14, 02:50 pm
welcome and very cute piggies and nice cage

01-28-14, 02:50 pm
Sebastian is black-and-white, Spartacus is cream and white, and Serena is black white and a lil red. Serena does not live with the boys and will not!

01-28-14, 02:50 pm
Thank you so much :)

01-28-14, 03:16 pm
They are really cute I love the name serena. Welcome to the forum.

01-30-14, 09:16 pm
We'll it turns out Serena is a boy. I picked him up to snuggle, and it dawned on me to check for myself. Sure enough his lil thing popped out. So I guess I'll be renaming him!

01-30-14, 09:20 pm
Adorable! They look like American shorthairs. I love the pigtures.

01-30-14, 10:46 pm
Welcome, you have cute piggies and a very nice cage set-up!

01-30-14, 11:14 pm
Welcome to the forum Raegan, Sebastian, Spartacus, and Serena! (Sigmund for a new name idea? Haha) I'm Stephanie. My piggies are Princess Penelope and Miss Maybelline. :)

We are all happy to help you where we can. :)

01-30-14, 11:49 pm
Thank you for the compliments :) we decided to go with Socrates for his name, but thanks for the suggestion! And thank y'all for the warm welcome!

01-31-14, 03:02 am
What cute piggies! They all look like they have a bit of roan in them, certainly the bottom two piggies do. I can't tell completely with the first pig, because he's got light-and-white colouring so it's hard to tell if he has white flecking. All roan is (as a fur colour) is white hairs flecked in with another colour.

01-31-14, 11:18 pm
Such precious babies! Welcome to the wonderful world of boars!