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01-27-14, 10:10 pm
hi I just recently got a guinea pig. I've had 3 in the past so I'm quite familiar with caring for the little cuties. the one I just got seems to be scratching and nibbling himself just a little more than usual. there's no loss of fur, dry skin, or anything that would indicate something. he's okay with me holding and petting him. there doesn't seem to be a spot that he isn't okay with me petting. he's eating, drinking and playing as usual. I haven't changed anything. any suggestions?

01-27-14, 10:23 pm
How long have you had him? how old is he? I'm not sure what might be wrong, but answering those questions would probably help them :) Welcome to the Forum!

01-27-14, 10:26 pm
If he's more than 350 grams, it wouldn't hurt to treat him for mites. If he's smaller than that, you'd have to have a vet prescribe something for him.

You can treat him yourself using ivermectin. The easiest to use is the .5% pour-on, but you can use the horse or cattle paste if you dilute it properly. Check the ivermectin links from the Index on the main page of this site for more information.

01-27-14, 10:50 pm
Welcome to the forum!