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01-27-14, 10:22 am
So, I took my skinnies to the vet a couple weeks ago and was told their bottom teeth point in slightly, so I have to be really good about them having lots to chew on because their teeth could grow over their tongue. I've given them lots to chew, and endless hay, but there seems to be a lot of green drool spots all over the fleece. Granted, a lot of it is near their water bottle, so maybe they are just drooly. The vet said their teeth look fine at the length they are, but it is just something to be aware of. They won't chew on fruit tree sticks -- I tried -- and they BARELY chew their little stick ball I got them, but they will chew on cardboard paper tubes. Any other ideas for things to chew? What about those bird toys? Anyone have a specific brand or toy that their pigs like? Also, is a little drooling normal, especially for pigs with these goofy teeth?

01-27-14, 11:24 am
Did the vet look right to the back, at the molars, not just the front teeth?

01-27-14, 11:45 am
Yes. It's the molars that are a bit crooked. He put a camera in their mouths so he could see. He said he's seen in before in Skinnies. It's a fault of not being SUPER careful with genetics for these breeds with small gene pools. They just tilt in slightly, and only the bottom ones.

01-27-14, 11:52 am
I feel like (and this is just my personal opinion, I'm not a vet), it would be better to get corrective dental work done sooner rather than later. As animals get older, they become more vulnerable to anesthesia, so say, a year down the line and your pig needs to go under, it's more risky. If it where me, I'd have some light corrective work done to avoid it becoming an emergency situation where the pig can't swallow, or needs syringe feeding etc.

01-27-14, 01:50 pm
Was this a cavy exotic vet? Drooling is a sign of a very, very serious problem.

01-27-14, 02:32 pm
No chew sticks, toys, or anything like that will wear down molars. Only grass hay. Endless amounts of grass hay.

01-27-14, 03:50 pm
It's not enough to merit worry, according to the vet. They tilt very slightly. I just have to make sure they stay worn down. How much drooling is abnormal? I mean, should I take a picture of their fleece to show you so you can tell me if it's a lot? When I pick him up right after eating or drinking, I get a little spit on me, say, less than a pea size. The vet had to clean out their mouths with water to be able to see in their mouths. He said that guinea pigs are just not as great about swallowing all their food, they chew on it for a while. I get that. So at what point is it drooling?

01-27-14, 03:52 pm
Oh, and yes, he is an exotic specialist. I think he's really good. He has even seen skinnies before and knew what genetic disorders to look for in them. He said this teeth tilting is one. The other is eyes, so he did very thorough eye exams too.

01-31-14, 09:29 am
Please keep us updated. I hope your vet is correct. And I hope your little ones eat a lot of hay all the time and that that will keep "problems" at bay.

02-02-14, 09:16 am
So I talked more to my vet and took pictures of the fleece with "drool." The vet said it is slobber, but it's more spit out water than drool. He said that Quag's teeth look good. I also found that Quag is a slower eater than Cleveland, so I've separated them when they eat, to find out that Quagmire's eating ritual is causing the "drool spots" on the fleece. The pattern is take a bite, go get a drink, take a bite, go get a drink... So he drips water as he runs back and forth to the food dish! That made me and the vet feel better. It also gave us some insight into why Cleveland keeps getting fatter. He eats a lot faster than Quag as a result of just sitting there eating. Now, they get separate lunch of their minute amount of pellets. They are both on a diet to get to 900 and 850 grams now. Cleveland is at 1000 and Quag is holding at 850, but he lost weight down to that really fast thanks to his pellet thief brother.

And they get TONS of hay! :) The rule is, if it's low, add more! So they have 24/7 hay.

I feel like a got a good vet too. :) I want to brag on him. He talked on the phone with me for 30 minutes about my piggies and asked me about their behavior and routine. He's very patient with this nervous pig momma. :)

02-05-14, 11:12 am
Thanks so much for the update. I am always interested in learning about problems related to drooling and tooth problems after a very sad experience with a very precious piggy.