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01-27-14, 05:16 am
Well, I am not only a newbie to the forum, but I will be a newbie piggie owner as well soon enough! :)

In a month or so, as a birthday present to myself, I plan on getting a guinea pig. I plan on getting 2 eventually, but to start it will be just 1 (maybe lol)
Currently I have 3 cats and a dog. The guinea pig will be in a different room away from them. Anyone have some good advice on when the right time to introduce them? or how to?

I plan on building a C&C cage, not sure yet though. I have a few questions for that as well, but will probably start a new thread for it, if I cant find my answers :)

But for now just to say hi! When I do get my pig/piggies I will post pictures of it/them :)

01-27-14, 08:25 am
I'm in NE Indiana! Welcome!

Just my opinion, but 2 guinea pigs are just as easy to care for as 1. I would look for bonded pairs up for adoption
- it's just easier than going through introductions later. I think I was more anxious than my piggies during intros. I'm still not sure they like each other as much as I was hoping.

01-27-14, 08:29 am
Oh, I didn't see your question. I don't trust my dogs. One seems to eager, the other doesn't really show interest. But, since cats and dogs are predators and guineas are prey, I don't let them get too close. My one dog does like to check out the cage and likes to see what's in my lap during lap time, but it's at a distance and that's as close as I will allow.

My my cage is in a public area - meaning not in a special room. But, it's dog proof.

01-27-14, 09:01 am
Honestly, there's no point in getting one pig and then adding another later. It'll just leave you with the worry that the new pig might not bond, and then you have two pigs who can't live together. Look at rescues for bonded female pairs if space is an issue as they don't require as much space generally, so can have a smaller cage. I also feel that if you aren't used to pigs, getting males and being thrown in to anal sac cleaning can be a bit of an ordeal, but that's just my opinion.

Also, you'll need a lid on your cage if you have dogs and cats. Regardless of whether or not they're in a separate room, you can't be too careful.

01-27-14, 10:25 am
Matchamom- I'm somewhere south lol, I live down by the Ohio river across from Milton, KY :) oh, do you know any rescues in IN? I can't seem to find any -_- Everytime I try and look it up, it says there is none.

Right, I had figured I should get 2. I've down A LOT of reasearch since I started the thread lol.
I fouind a bonded pair on petfinder -- http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/28169275
These 2, I really like. I am hoping they are still available when I am ready.

I had already planned on making a lid on the cage :)

I don't think I will have too much trouble with my dog. He's almost 2 yrs old. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Scared of his own shadow lol. But I also know I got to be careful, I don't want to take chances. Out of the 3 cats, only one of them I am sure wouldn't care about it. She's so mellow and doesn't care about anything. She is the same age as the dog, and doesn't really even play much. She's always been that way since I hade her when she was 4 months old. But, like I said I wont take chances. I'll be making a lid and making sure the piggies are safe and comfortable in their surroundings at all times as possible :)

01-27-14, 11:23 am
I personally recommend a controlled introduction between cats/dogs and pigs, meaning the pig is in the cage with the lid secured, and the cats/dogs are collared and on leads. I'm assuming since you have so many they all have basic training, so doing a controlled introduction training session wouldn't be a problem?

Basically, the idea behind this is to teach your other pets that the guinea pigs cage is a no barking, no jumping zone. Walk the cat/dog toward the cage, if they bark, respond with a loud sharp noise. If they quieten down, walk closer. If they stay quiet, treat. Repeat several times. Same principal for jumping, if the cat/dog jumps at the cage, turn them round, walk them out, wait 30 seconds while ignoring them, bring them back in, if they stay calm, treat. Repeat until they're calm entering the room and stay that way.

Of course, none of this can take the place of a well secured lid, but in my opinion in means the guinea pig will be less stressed, and it takes the 'ooh, what's that, I've got to get at it and find out' away from the cats and dogs.

01-27-14, 11:41 am
My dog knows sit.. haha :) He's stubborn when it comes to training, very food oriented. Will do what I want as long as I have a treat in my hand. As for barking, he doesn't bark at anything. Most he ever does is a muffled wook sound.
As for the cats, they are squirt bottle trained lol All I have to do is hold it and they run. Expect for the one mellow cat, she doesn't care how many times she get sprayed. She just gives a wth kinda look, she's food oriented as well though. She will eat anything the dog eats -_-

The cats never go in the room that I will be putting the piggies in. The only one that does is the dog, and when he is in there he is tied up. They are going to be in our bedroom for now.
Its only temporary till we get our spare room cleared out (we have roommates who will be oving soon, jsut dont know when for sure) Once they do move, they will have a big C&C cage without worry of the other animals.

01-27-14, 11:50 am
Well, if you ever want training tips, feel free to PM me. I trained my rescue dog who was 10 years old to do all sorts, including behave like a saint around my gerbils!

Can't wait to see pigtures BTW :)

01-27-14, 11:55 am
I just mightht take you up on that offer lol he is such a pain. Only recently has he even begun to let me clip his nails without hassle. He has black nails so it never helps when he's fidgeting.

I will definitely post them :)

C. Cole-Chakotay
01-27-14, 01:22 pm
I'm also from Indiana. In fact, all of my pigs (past and present) have come from the rescue linked above. If you are really interested in the two girls, contact the rescue and you may be able to work something out with them. Best wishes.

01-27-14, 01:28 pm
I live in Indiana also, east central. 2 guinea pigs are just as easy as one, and honestly I would rather start out with 2 than try to introduce one to the other. It's kind of stressful trying to introduce 2 that aren't used to each other. I have done it 2 different times with success but for me it's nerve wracking not knowing if they are going to hurt each other or get along when introduced. I would much rather adopt a bonded pair.

01-27-14, 03:47 pm
^^ definately getting 2 to start. :)
As for holding those to, I don't want to have them held if they can go to a good home elsewhere. I'm not sure exactly when I will be ready to get them. I first need to wait till taxes. Then get the materials for the C&C cage, and all the things I will need. I want to be set up before getting them :)
But when it comes closer to the time I am ready, I may call and see if they are still available and work out something.
I can always keep looking to find another pair. (which I did at the same rescue lol)

01-27-14, 05:05 pm
I think pet finder is a good source. There's also the adoptables section here. I know one rescue close by me and one that is about 3 hrs away. But, it sounds like you are farther away and it would be a long haul. I know that animal shelters will sometimes have pigs. I did find one of mine on craigslist. It would be my last option though. I ended up with a pregnant one. But, I saw the conditions she was living in and I feel ok about my decision.

As as far as the dog, I would do as suggested limited interaction to see how it would behave. My one dog is just too excited when he sees the guinea pigs. However, he did get nose to nose with them while they were in their floor pen. But, I was there and he was being watched. Be wary of the cats though especially if you get young ones.

Good luck. Can't wait to see them when you get them.

01-27-14, 05:10 pm
Do you have a dachshund? It looks like it - they were initially used as hunting dogs to fit in small places like tunnels and such. So, don't dismiss his capabilities. ;)

01-27-14, 05:55 pm
He's a doxie mixed with shih tzu. Takes more after a doxie shaped wise, but has the personality of a shih tzu. Won't hunt for nothing, we have tried lol he runs from everything, even the cats lol

I will probably check the shelter here. I've checked a few times on their webpage, but all they ever show is cats and dogs. But when it comes to time, I will go there and see if they have those.

I'm skeptic about trying craigslist lol although as a last resort if I couldnt find them anywhere else, I would probably check there too :)

It's always a good feeling knowing you have helped a animal into a betting living condition :) I did that a few yrs ago with a litter of pit bull pups.

01-28-14, 08:49 am
Funny. We have a beagle/basset mix. He doesn't care much to hunt, but he sniffs everything when he's outside. Inside he acts like the guineas don't exist. Except he likes to lick up anything that falls out of their cage. Ew! ;)

01-28-14, 08:54 am
Oh my other dog is a mini poodle/schnauzer mix. I did once see him catch an outdoor rodent, shake it, and then let it go. Or um, it ran off and he watched it. Lol that's the one I definitely don't trust. He likes to shake his toys when he's playing and then flings them across the room.
I bought one on clearance that he will probably never get. Now that I look at it, I think it's suppose to be a rat - but to me looks too much like a guinea. I don't want him to think they are play toys.

01-28-14, 09:02 am
My dog likes to throw his bone across the couch all the way to my desk (a good 7-9 ft) he loves to toss things lol he's only about 15lbs give or take :)
My boy loves to play fetch, we will throw his toys (or pretend to lol) and he has one heck of a time finding them lol We think his sniffer is broken ;)

That's funny^^ But yeah, I probably wouldn't trust him either in that situation.

I am carefull about his toys lol they consist of old house shoes (ones he stole from me when he was 5 wks, long story there.) a lamb and a squeak bone, also of course tennis balls which is he deathly afraid of lol