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Wonderland RR
01-23-14, 02:03 pm
Hi my name is Barb and I am the Director of Wonderland Rabbit Rescue, 15 min. South of Detroit. While you will see items signed by
me and my volunteer Aleks who turned me onto this forum, I am the newbie and she is the experienced GP owner. The Rescue
has taken in 4 GPs recently, 2 boys and 2 girls. We are trying to rehome the two girls. I am very experienced on what I need to do to
rehome rabbits, but is there anything specific I should look for when rehoming GPs? We do home visits as the final "drop off" with
the pigs. (One of the boys is still under medical care for a neurological issue and we are not sure we want to fully separate him
from his roommate quite yet). Thanks in advance and hello its nice to meet everyone!!! Barb

01-23-14, 02:07 pm
Yay, you finally made an introduction!
Welcome to the forum. :p haha

01-23-14, 02:45 pm
hi Barb, welcome to the forum...

01-23-14, 02:49 pm
Hi!!!! Thanks for all your help and welcome. When you do the home visit, I'd just be sure that you require a large enough C&C cage. Boys tend to need a bit more space than females. I'm sure Aleks has told you all this though! I would also make sure that your adopters have an experienced exotics vet lined up, as guinea pigs go down hill pretty quickly.

01-23-14, 04:36 pm
Welcome to the forum. I like the way your rescue does a home visit as the final drop-off. I'm only speaking for myself but I wouldn't have any problem with a rescue coming to my home to see where the pigs were going to be living. Of course, adopting pigs from any other source, such as craigslist, would be a different story.