View Full Version : Popcorning Piggies!!

09-12-05, 02:05 pm
How do your pigs popcorn? I was fascinated at the different ways in which each of my pigs pop and I was wondering if anyone else had noticed how their pigs tend to popcorn.

Charlie - twitches his head and then runs;

Tuppy - leaps and twitches her body in mid air (very funny to see as her hair goes everywhere);

Lottie - a little leap on all fours about an inch off the ground. Sometimes she runs and head twitches, but not often;

Jazzie - shakes and twitches her head and body, sometimes rolls, which is hilarious to see!

Jazzie was rolling earlier this evening - she was in her new toy (hooded dog bed - see my gallery for a pic of it) and she started rolling. There's a big gap in this toy where the cushion in the middle doesn't quite meet the edges of the toy, so Jaz kept rolling down into this little gap on her back with her legs kicking all over the place!! It was so funny - I wish I'd caught it on camera. I'll try and upload a video of the foster pigs popcorning - it's so funny it made me cry when I watched it the other day.

09-12-05, 03:16 pm
Smores and CC both jump and shake in the air. Nugget runs and twitches around the cage. I have no idea how Hercules will.

09-12-05, 03:55 pm
My original three have never popcorned. I didn't know what I was missing until I got my new girls. They're so cute. I was busting out laughing. Both Callie & Coco run or jump and twitch their whole body. Its so fun to watch.

09-12-05, 03:59 pm
Just takes the new additions to the family to change the prospective of things.

09-12-05, 06:28 pm
Peanut does the twitching thing. Domino goes straight up and wiggles in mid-air. I've seen her do the bucking bronco once or twice. The baby hops and twists. All three have a tendency to popcorn into things, like the hayracks or the hidey-houses or the cage. :p

Domino once popcorned off the top of her house! I saw her starting to twitch and tried to stop her but it was too late. I got as far as, "Oh no baby don't do th..." before she popcorned and fell off her house. She pretended nothing happened and went to eat hay after that.

My Baby Mu
09-12-05, 07:56 pm
Mu will do jump and twist either all or the front half of his body will go up. If he is in floor time he also runs. The other two just jump straight up. I haven't seen them do it very much.

Binas Cavys
09-12-05, 08:39 pm
Mine have yet to popcorn, but when they do, I will cry with joy.


09-12-05, 09:54 pm
Popcorning piggers is soo cute! my pigs act liek nothing happened! they jsut wlak aroung, then...... *POP* then walk around normally............*POP*

09-12-05, 11:09 pm
Ginny's only popcorned once. She did it so her behind end jumped in the air and twitched along with her head.

Is it less likely for older pigs to popcorn?

09-13-05, 05:45 am
Younger pigs popcorn more than older pigs, but you will find a few older piggies popcorning every so often.

Tuppy was a bit shocked this morning because she was popcorning so much that she ran into the side of her pigloo! She looked a bit dumbstruck and just stopped popcorning after that. Jazzie and Lottie sometimes do the 'bucking bronco' thing with their back legs too! It's so funny to see but they don't do it that often.

Is there anything in particular which starts your pigs off popcorning? With mine it tends to be the rustling of a plastic bag - all 4 of them start popping then!

09-13-05, 06:42 am
Mine will popcorn in place. Usually if I put a new hidey house in and they like it they will enter the hidey house and popcorn inside of it, too cute. They usually don't popcorn as they are running around, usually it's when they are in place. They sort of turn around in place and shake their booty in the air for a sec.

09-13-05, 07:55 am
Opening the fridge sets my two girls off!! The wheaks are glass shattering and I love it! Then it gets even louder and the popcorning starts when the plastic bags rattle. They both assume the begging position with their two front paws on the coroplast and their noses as far through the grids as possible. They act like they are starved to death. I get kisses at this time too!! I can't ask for anything more out of these two girls. Em too, he doesn't beg but he loves to popcorn. My new rescue I still have in my office, Cookie. She is coming around I'm happy to report. She's eating leafy greens and had a carrot today. She is eating her pellets great now and drinking tons of water. I'm very happy!!! I appreciate everyone's help and advice on her.