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01-19-14, 06:13 am
My approx. 8 month old piggy Violet just gave birth to a litter of three pups 8 days ago and unfortunately lost all of them, we think due to her cage mate. However, about three days later, I noticed that she wasn't moving her back legs anymore. I did research online and found that this could be due to a calcium deficiency, a vitamin c deficiency, or toxemia from her pregnancy. Being three days post-partum, I knew that there was probably not much hope for her if it was toxemia, so I crossed my fingers that it wasn't that, and I headed to the store for some vitamins.

I have had her on 50mg of Vitamin C and 60mg of Calcium per day based on the information that I have found from various sources online. She has maintained her appetite and is still eating her pellets, parsley, watercress, kale, colored peppers, various greens, and carrots, and is also still drinking water regularly, although it seems to be harder for her because of the position of the bottle, so I'm working on trying to re-position it. Her "sister" is being very gentle with her, and I am being very diligent in keeping her bottom clean, and just started in the last day keeping a maxi pad under her bottom to try to help keep her dry longer when I am not around to clean her up promptly.

I had hoped that maybe she had just had a sudden drop in Vitamin C or Calcium and that giving her the vitamins in addition to her diet would provide a miracle cure, but so far it has been four days and I haven't seen a marked improvement. Her back legs do move, I have seen her scratch herself, and if I massage her hips and legs, she will kick at me like she is annoyed that I am messing with her, but if I try to force her to hold weight on her legs, she just bows them out again.

Has anybody had experience with a long term paralysis of their guinea pig, and if so, do you have any advice or recommendations?

01-19-14, 07:18 am
She needs to see a vet ASAP to know what is going on. If it is toxemia there may still be hope since she is eating.

01-19-14, 09:19 am
I just wanted to say I'm another who says, "get her to the vet asap!" Preferably, take her to an exotics vet. She is relying on you to make sure she's okay, and the best way to do that is to know exactly what is going on.

As for paralysis, they can live partially paralyzed. I've never dealt with it myself, but I've read about others who have. However, hopefully a vet visit can tell you if that is the problem, or if it is something else.

01-21-14, 01:07 pm
Take this with a grain of salt, because I'm a lowly first year vet student, but she may have pinched a nerve during birth that control the muscles that prevent bowing out of the legs. If that's the case, it sometimes will get better on its own.

But definitely take her to a vet, just wanted you to know that it may not be permanent!

01-22-14, 12:24 pm
It's also possible that she still has a pup inside of her.

Is her cage mate a male or female? Were the pups born dead, or did they die afterwards? Were they full term?

Are you weighing her daily?