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01-18-14, 09:48 pm
Hi! My guinea pig has been home for almost a week and we tried to give her floor time today for the first time but she just ran and hid in different places or circled the cage (I guess looking for a way to get back in). We then built a sort of pen out of card boxes tapped together and she tried to escape and managed to almost jump out landing half in half out on the edge of the card box. We put food, treats, toys and hay in there but she wasn't interested. She's just too scared.

Two days ago we started handling her and she's gotten better and calmer when we hold her but grabbing her is a struggle (which I'm OK which). We just use the Snak Shak Log to get her out. She's from a pet store and she was by herself when we bought her so who knows what her history is like. She's about 2-4 months old. We're just trying to get her accustomed to humans. We hand feed her veggies everyday and talk to her.

Thoughts, suggestions?

*** By the way, we are planning on getting her a female cage mate next month. ***

01-18-14, 10:02 pm
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01-18-14, 10:14 pm
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