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01-18-14, 07:20 am
Hi! I'm Jen and I'm in FL. (for now) My husband of almost 17 years is a US Marine and we move ALOT. Home is Pittsburgh PA. We are off to CA in June. I have 2 kids, a 16 year old boy and an 11 year old girl. I work fulltime as a Lead Infant Caregiver. I have 2 dogs, 1 Gargoyle Gecko, 1 Hamster,1 Goldfish Pond, and 1 Guinea Pig!

I bought Charlie at a pet store the day after Christmas. Worst mistake EVER! I listened to the pet store people, I should know better. I love little Charlie AND I'm happy to have him. I have almost fixed all the mistakes I made by listening the pet store too! I switched from cedar to fleece, I bought a bigger C & C Cage and returned the "litter box" sized cage they told me to get. I found a local woman whose GP jut had babies a few days ago, as long as she has a boy, and we think she does, Charlie will have a friend. I have even ordered more C & C parts to make a loft and add more floor space to accommodate the 2nd piggy.

I love my little Charlie and he seem to be doing great! He loves to eat and run and play and cuddle! He was 10 ounces when I got him and now he is almost 1 pound!

I am looking forward to add a 2nd pig!

I am also looking forward to getting to know everyone here, and learning even more about Guinea Pigs!

01-18-14, 07:33 am
Hi Jen, Welcome to the forum! I'm glad you decided to get Charlie a bigger cage and possibly a new friend soon, I'm sure he'll love that. :)

Amanda Branch
01-18-14, 07:42 am
Welcome Jenn!!!! Charlie will be so happy to have a friend!!! I am Amanda. I used to live in Florida as well!!

01-18-14, 01:05 pm
Welcome Jenn and Charlie piggie!

01-18-14, 02:05 pm
Thanks guys! Now we just have to cross our fingers that one of the babies is indeed a boy! There were 2 born on 1-13-14. Do I have to wait to post pictures?

01-18-14, 02:33 pm
Wow, you sound like a great piggie mama. I think the best owners are they ones who can realize they've made mistakes and fix them for their pet's sake. I have 2 piggies, Pippin and Rosie. Welcome!

01-18-14, 04:27 pm
Welcome! We're in Florida as well, but getting ready to move to Washington. Military here as well. Cantonment is out kind of near Pensacola right? I think I remember driving through it a few times. We were in Pensacola last year. I miss it.
I hope they have a boy so Charlie can have a buddy. They are just so funny when they popcorn and chase each other around. My boys are hilarious when they get going. When I moved them into their larger C&C cage they went crazy flopping around. We laughed for what seemed like hours.
Anyway, Welcome to the forums! : )

Amanda Branch
01-18-14, 06:55 pm
Thanks guys! Now we just have to cross our fingers that one of the babies is indeed a boy! There were 2 born on 1-13-14. Do I have to wait to post pictures?

We love pigtures!!!! Post away!!!!

01-19-14, 09:53 am
Welcome to the forum. It would be so cool if the guinea pig baby is a boy. I just hope that you can get your little Charlie a friend! It would be so cool also if you could just have a really big cage, and maybe instead of just a loft, you can have a loft that then has a kitchen going off of it. You should make little cuddle cups for the loft, and have a little living room area. Here is what most people do and it is so cool! It is the order of their cage

"Living Room" They usually have a couple cuddle cups for use as chairs and couches. Then, they usually have a little fleece curtain.
"Bathroom" This consists of a litter box
"Kitchen" Just make sure that you have the litter box a couple of places away from the kitchen. This consists of a hayrack, food bowls, and water bottle
"Loft" The loft usually has a couple cuddle cups.
"Playroom" Tunnels, toys, (sometimes they have those hanging wood things)
"Bedroom" This room should consist of a cuddle cup for each pig, and should also have a water bottle and a litter box.

That's a sort of cute setup, and you should also make a little fleece forest going around.

You should also (remember these are suggestions)

Buy a couple yards of fleece, and make liners. Then, you should make matching cuddle cups and tunnels. You should also make hammocks :)

01-19-14, 04:53 pm
Well Dogsareking those are great ideas! I plan to spoil my boys, but all of that takes time! First step is to buy and learn how to use a sewing machine!!!