View Full Version : New Piggies

Kate Upton
01-18-14, 03:22 am
I wrote on here before Christmas as we'd lost one of our piggies and im wanted advice about introducing another one to my existing pig.

Just after Christmas we found Roo at the RSPCA. We took Gizmo to meet him and they got famously.

So far so good!

Thanks to everyone for their help and advice :)

01-18-14, 01:10 pm
Adorable piggies!

01-18-14, 01:12 pm
Very cute!

01-18-14, 01:53 pm
I am seriously freakin out over how cute they are! Lol

01-18-14, 01:59 pm
So cute! Which ones which?

Kate Upton
01-18-14, 02:17 pm
Gizmo is the largest one on the left. Roo is the little fella, his hair has grown so quick he looks like he's wearing a skirt! Managed to trim it a bit but he's such a quick little fella!

01-18-14, 02:29 pm
Awwww, they are adorable! Roo looks so little!

01-18-14, 03:14 pm
They're absolutely adorable! And Roo looks wonderfully fluffy ;;