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01-17-14, 06:41 pm
My daughter and I have a sweet little Skinny pig named jingle. She and her sister belle were a gift for my daughter for Christmas. Well as it turns out Jingle's sister turned out to be a brother and we returned him. So piggy is currently an only until another girl is born. I really hope I discovered the male before anything happened.

I came here to find out how to source materials to make a bigger cage for her. So if anyone is here from Newfoundland I would love to hear where you have been able to find the things needed.


01-17-14, 08:57 pm
Welcome to the forum! I hope your little girl pig has a safe pregnancy, or no pregnancy! Pictures when you get a chance!

01-17-14, 10:29 pm
Hello and welcome from another Canadian!

01-18-14, 01:13 pm
Welcome! I'm in the US and buy most everything on-line, so maybe that's one way to get some things you need?

01-18-14, 02:34 pm
Yes I'm thinking that is going to be the way to go.

01-18-14, 09:46 pm
Hi :) I am from Winnipeg, and I found supplies from Canadian Tire and Rona. Canadian Tire has good grids http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/4-cube-wire-shelf-0680700p.html#.UttI3n9OKSM They are all the same size openings (WalMart has something similar, but some pieces have wider openings). 2 packs of the Cdn Tire grids made a nice 2x3 C&C cage with a 1x2 loft, a ramp (used 2 grid pieces) and I had 5 grid pieces left over to make a storage cube for piggie gear :) I got the coroplast at Rona - I asked the staff for corrugated plastic. They had several colours, and I paid a little over $20 for a giant sheet (I think it was 8'x4'...barely fit in my van LOL). Dollarama also has some grids, but the connectors are crap, you'll need to use cable ties (zip ties) for sure. Good luck! :)