View Full Version : Small Creature Litter?

07-31-01, 07:23 am

I too am looking for a new litter. I was using Aspen, but my father is allergic. This is normally no prob since he doesn't live with me, however he and my mom sometimes babysit my little one when my husband and I are out of town. Sooooo, new litter so I can still have a baby--err, piggiesitter! <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif ALT=":o"> )

Anyway, there was a litter called Kaytee Small Animal Litter. Has anyone tried it familiar with it? I was wondering how if farred. There was also kaycobb. I think I read bad things about kaycobb (as far as not working very well). The only other kinds I found were carefresh and yesterday news (which was in the cat litter section...so I didn't know if there was a different yesterday news for small animals). All the rest of the bedding I found was wood stuff (pine and aspen).

Insight would be most helpful. Thanks!