View Full Version : helloo (:

01-15-14, 04:46 am
hey guys my name is lucy and I have two beautiful piggies that I adopted from a rescue centre last year I am really happy to finally get to join a forum

Amanda Branch
01-15-14, 05:34 am
Welcome Lucy!!!! What are your piggies names?

01-15-14, 07:00 am
They are called chihiro and toshiko(tosh for short) what are yours called? (:

Amanda Branch
01-15-14, 09:11 am
I have 3 boars: Chewy, JD, and Squeakers and I have 4 sows: Rosey aka lil momma, Oreo, Joy, and Teddy Bear.

Kitty Moore
01-15-14, 09:43 am
Welcome Lucy! I like your Piggies names!

01-15-14, 09:54 am
Thanks guys (: and thank you for welcoming me I am hoping to get a castrated boar to go in with my sows (: and I was wondering if you keep your pigs on fleece? Mine are currently on shavings and I have some questions about moving them on to fleece

Kitty Moore
01-15-14, 10:07 am
I currently have a set up with shavings as well but there is a forum just on fleece and it is really imformative...as soon as I get a cage set up or run out of shavings (which ever comes first) I'm switching over to fleece.

Kitty Moore
01-15-14, 10:11 am
http:// http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/forums/6-Fleece

Just went here and started reading different threads as to what every one else was asking.

Mine get play time on fleece and they love it (first 20 mins of play time is popcorning lol)

01-15-14, 10:37 am
Thank you! Ill check it out now :3 my girls get playtime on fleece and love it I'm just not sure wether to move them completely onto fleece or not

5 littlepiggies
01-15-14, 12:35 pm
Hey Lucy Welcome! You will learn a lot here. I like your piggies names. Fleece is so easy to transition to not to mention cheaper. My favorite thing about fleece is all the colors. Plus now that I have a sewing machine I keep coming up with projects. Right now i just make pee pads and dable with liners. You can find very cheep fleece to start out with at WALMART 2.88 for a fleece throw. good way to start and see if you like it. That way you are not too invested if for some reason it does not work out for you. Also for underneath you can use puppy pads or go to the thrift store and get some towels/matress topper pads. Easy day. Enjoy your time here and dig deep into the knowledge.