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01-14-14, 02:32 pm
Hi! My name is Tian and a few months ago two adorable fluffies came into my life. What I initially thought were two adult males turned out to be male and female, and both with a lot of growing to do. (I'd never seen a guinea pig before in my life, in my defence!) Here they are now:


Mianmian, the girl (and I'm about 95% sure is pregnant...)


Xiuxiu, the boy.

They're both incredibly active and refuse to sit still for photos! They're also incorrigible paper nibblers, and keeping them from eating my notes is a daily struggle. When I first saw them, Xiuxiu's favourite place to sleep used to be curled up in those ~1.5L yogurt containers. Now? There's no way he'd fit! I've had to learn a lot about guinea pigs on the fly, but there's still a lot I don't know. Especially now that much to my horror, Mianmian is pregnant (she's lumpy!) and I don't want to lose either of them. (I've been trying to figure out how to get Xiuxiu neutered, but it's a bit tricky because of the lack of car and good public transportation where I live, compounded with the fact that there don't seem to be any guinea pig experienced vets nearby ): I'm also working out how to separate them for the time being.)

I wanted to introduce my kids and myself, and thank everyone for their help in advance!

01-14-14, 02:36 pm
If you have a C&C cage, you could simply extend it and then pop a divider in so they're still together (sort of)?

Also, your female looks like she has the roan gene, so while I'm not entirely sure if it's possible (since your male looks like he doesn't have it) you may need to prepare for the possibility of lethal pups. You'll also need to baby proof their cage :)

Gorgeous piggies!

01-14-14, 02:44 pm
I have a C&C cage, but not much I can use for a divider ): I'm thinking of taking apart some of my own storage shelving for the time being, until I find a better solution. Also their cage already takes up half of my bedroom, haha, not much room to extend!

Oh no D: I read about lethal pups and I'm really crossing my fingers they'll be okay. I do have plans to go cube hunting again as soon as I have some free time... better add that to my to-do list before I forget! (You wouldn't believe how long it took to find even one set of storage cubes for sale here!)

Thank you! (and ofc thank you for your advice in that other thread too!)

Amanda Branch
01-14-14, 02:45 pm
Adorable piggies!!!! Welcome to the forum!!!!

01-14-14, 02:48 pm
They are very pretty and welcome to the forum.

Yes deffinetly seperate them females can become pregnent again right after giving birth. Like the other person suggested if you have a c&c cage you can put a divider in the center. So at least that way they can still talk and see each other.

There is plenty of information on here most beginners questions are already answered. Any question you may have can be found with a simple search. But asking questions you can not find the answer to them. Good luck with your new piggies, have fun with them.

Kitty Moore
01-14-14, 02:57 pm
Welcome to the forum! I'm new also! Your Piggies are super cute!

01-14-14, 02:59 pm
Don't get yourself too worked up; I'm not sure if it's possible for a roan + none-roan pig to produce lethals. I'm fairly certain they can't, but it's always best to be prepared.

The reason it's imperative to separate pre-birth is that your sow could give birth during the night, while you're out, basically any time you're not conscious and around, meaning your boar has the opportunity to mate. When you start to feel the pelvic bones separating, if you still haven't got any cubes (which you really will need to), then put your boar in any kind of temporary cage you can and get the cubes straight away.

And you're welcome! To babyproof, you can either overlap the cubes to make the holes smaller, or zip tie chicken wire to the outer of the existing cubes. Otherwise you end up with escape artist pups that either manage to get out (and can hide just about anywhere), or won't manage to get out fully, and get trapped in a hole.

01-14-14, 03:22 pm
Welcome to the forum. I'm new also :)