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01-14-14, 04:05 am
Hey guys,

I've been a long time lurker of this forum, and I thought it was about time I signed up :)

I'm from Australia, and love guinea pigs like everyone else on here. My husband has also grown attached to them and our pets are very special to us both.

We have 4 girls:
Abby x
Short hair crested
Sheba Mini Yak
Rex (not ours quite yet, but picking her up on the weekend).

and 2 boys:
Sheba Mini Yak

Unfortunately we lost one of our girls about a month ago, she was a beautiful Sheba Mini Yak and it was just her time to earn her Angel Wings and leave us. She was a beautiful girl and is greatly missed.

We also have a dog, 2 cats and 2 Discus fish.

We keep all of our piggies in C&C Cages, nothing compares to them as far as interaction, air flow, maintenance, space and how customisable they are. Once you go C&C, you can't go back :)

I look forward to contributing, and sharing some of my experiences with other GPC members!


Amanda Branch
01-14-14, 06:02 am
Welcome to the forum!!! Sorry for the loss of your girl.

Kitty Moore
01-14-14, 03:23 pm
Welcome long time lurker!

Its always sad to see a beloved pet go but always remember that means she is in a place where they will hurt, or be sick or anything horrible can happen to them any more (deffinently not saying your the cause, just saying nature isn't very nice sometimes...)

01-14-14, 03:52 pm
Welcome to forum Bellah. I'm Stephanie :)

01-14-14, 04:21 pm
Thanks guys, nice to meet you :)