View Full Version : What is it like to have a rabbit?

01-10-14, 07:47 am
There is a rabbit at a shelter that I am in love with but I don't know much about rabbits...

what is the daily routine for you and your rabbit?

How different are they from guinea pigs?

Any tips? :)

(P.S I would NEVER get a animal without knowing the proper knowledge and care.)

01-10-14, 08:05 am
There have been lots of threads asking this very question. Check out the rabbit section of the forum.


Also take a long look at the House Rabbit Society and their many, many informative articles on rabbit care:


For a Rabbits vs. Guinea Pigs take a look at this thread:


01-15-14, 07:15 am
Thanks! That was very helpful for me! :D

Sorry I didn't see that there were other threads asking this question!