View Full Version : hi... New to this page and need help naming my piggie

01-09-14, 04:33 pm

I'm new to this page. I was looking for something that allowed me to read and talk to ppl with the same interests as me. Such as small pets. I'm a pet lover I currently have 4 chinchillas, 2 bunnies, 1 hedgehog, and 2 guinea pigs.

my hairless guinea pig is jelly bean
and I just got her a friend but do not know what to name her

any suggestions?

She's a black and white American guinea pig


01-09-14, 04:39 pm
Welcome minizoo!

Your Piggy is very cute, she looks like an Oreo! You could maybe call her that, and it goes with the yummy Jelly Bean Name. What are all your animals called? :D

01-09-14, 04:49 pm
Thank you and yes I love that name. :)

I have three male chinchillas cloudy (he's white) henry (grey) and diego (tan)
One female named fatso (black)
I adopted them from a rescue and just kept their names

my bunnies are lola (mini rex) and cookie (mini lop) both females

and my hedgehog is poki

I'm picking up a baby teddy guinea pig this weekend too

I also have 15 hermit crabs but no names cuz they change shells so much I cnt keep up

once I get a hang of this I'll be posting pics

Amanda Branch
01-09-14, 04:51 pm
Oreo would be a perfect name!!! : ) such a cute little thing!!!!