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01-07-14, 07:43 pm
Hello all,

names gizzmo proud daddy of two pigs love em one boy and one girl the boy is a little older then the girl his name is spot because he is all black with on white spot on the top of his head lol hes cute and the girl is all white with blue eyes her name is snowflake shes a lover im looking into geting the boy fixed wich is hard for a guy to do well at least one guy to another lol so as of right now they are in single starter cages but when hes fixed i plan to let them live together either in one of those big fancy cages or one that i build "im pretty handy" lol they have been intrduced and the boy like boys do only wants one thing and the girl like girls do doesnt seem to care lol but she to small for all that action so i keep them seperate during floor time well dunno much else to say just wanted to say hi and tell you all about my awsome