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01-07-14, 12:20 am
hey everyone, let me apologize in advance..i can only access the internet on my cell phone, and my caps button as well as my alt button is broken...so no capitalized letters, or proper grammer from me until i get a new phone...trust me, it makes me crazy too.

we just got two baby pigs...guessing about 3 months old...both females. they are not our first pigs, and unfortunately, i believe one is pregnant. we are contacting a vet tomorrow to find out for sure, but in the mean time i am worried sick about her. i piggysat a pregnant pig 2 years ago, and she gave birth while in my care, so i know what to expect, but im terrified about how young my little girl is...

neither of them have names as of yet, open to suggestions, but they have to be simple names that toddlers are capable of saying.

one is very friendly...she snuggles against my neck and purrs constantly when being pet...the other is skiddish. she will let me hold her, but if she isnt in exactly the right spot, she panics. she is also very squirmy when being picked up or put back in the cage.

here is our possibly pregnant girl

our jumpy little thing

both girls together

01-07-14, 01:28 am
Welcome to the forum!

It's a great idea to take new pigs for a general check up, but if your new girl is in early stages of pregnancy (and fingers crossed she isn't), the vet can't tell any sooner than you can until about 6 weeks in, and even then, it may require ultrasound, which may require anesthesia depending on the pig. The best way to tell is a daily weighing to track her weight gain.

And may I suggest your white-faced pig looks like a Honey, or Caramel, and your darker pig looks like a Treacle :)

01-07-14, 06:54 am
Welcome! Gorgeous piggies you have!
Ive always loved flower names for girl pigs:
Rose, Prim, Daisy, Maisy (not a flower but adorable) Sweetpea, Tulip, Clover.

01-07-14, 09:13 am
will weighing her still be a valid way to see, since they are so young and will be growing anyway? you can see and feel the difference in her tummy from her sister,, and it looks and feels like the preggy pig we watched when she first came to us...about 2 to 3 weeks before she had the babies.

01-07-14, 09:49 am
Definitely, while she is growing, a pregnant pig obviously puts weight on at in larger amounts than just a growing pig. Weigh both pigs daily for a week, note the weights down, and compare them at the end of the week :)

01-07-14, 11:48 am
okay, we will start weighing tonight...have to dig out my little scale from the basement.

we had some humping today...so i investigated it and i think we have a male and a female rather than 2 females as we were told. it's hard to tell by looking, and we cannot get a penis to pop out, but one website we read said you can feel a ridge on males, and we can feel something on the dark one that we cannot feel on the light one. going to the piggy vet tonight, so hopefully she will give us a definite answer.

01-07-14, 12:36 pm
heres what we are looking at, maybe some of you are better at this than me...




01-07-14, 12:44 pm
I would say your second pig, the darker one, definitely looks like a male as you suspected. Judging from the second photo, that is, as it looks like there are some (pretty obvious) testicles.

01-07-14, 02:37 pm
the vet was able to get the penis to pop out, definite boy, so we called the woman we got them from and she took the male back, and let us take a female she was going to keep herself. we checked this one over before bringing it home, and everyone agrees we have another female this time.

so now just hoping our original female isn't pregnant, but thinking she probably is. vet suggested weighing also and we are going to bring her back in a few weeks. will add a picture of the new girl once she settles in a bit, she's also pretty skittish like the male was.

01-07-14, 03:17 pm
If you got your pigs from a breeder, I think that's where the mix-up was, most breeders won't bother checking, or even care, if they wrongly sex a pig.

Hope both piggies are doing well! Any names yet? :)

01-07-14, 08:47 pm
They're doing pretty well. The original girl we are calling Daisy, haven't named the newer one yet. Daisy has adjusted really well. Yesterday she would run and hide in their hut when the kids or dogs came near the cage, but today she just ignores them. When I pick her up she doesn't struggle at all...and she actually fell asleep sitting with me this evening...was way too cute! The new female is less skittish than the male was, but she doesn't like being taken out of the cage, so we'll have to work on that with her. Once she is out she settles right down.

We do have one concern however...neither of them shows any interest in their veggies. We gave them a veggie platter with some romaine, baby carrot, celery, cherry tomato, and red bell pepper...Daisy took a few bites of the celery, but that's all she touched...and everything else is still just sitting there hours later. Should we expect this just due to them moving into our home and needing time to settle? They did get very excited about their hay when I added it to the cage this morning, but they didn't really eat much of it either throughout the day today. Just a bit worried that they aren't eating much.

02-02-14, 12:07 am
for the darker one i recommend sweet tea and for the lighter one i reccomend jasmine (as in jasmine tea)

02-02-14, 02:48 am
jmlea I have a Daisy pig too! :)

If they aren't used to veggies, don't put loads of them in there to start off with. Start with the basics, lettuce and bell pepper. Try slicing them all different ways as well, some pigs are fussy about how they'll eat their veg, for example my girls only eat tomato if I cut it in to strips.