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01-06-14, 02:50 am
I adopted two piggie sows for my teen daughter Christmas 2012. We lost one girl, Koala, early November 2013 due to teeth issues. We adopted a sweet girl from a local shelter on November 23rd, but to our horror the new girl immediately mounted our Panda and we quickly realized she was in fact a he. We returned him to the shelter and have kept Panda alone on pregnancy watch. We didn't think she would be pregnant as her contact was so short but we are quite sure she is pregnant. Her first vet appt is today. I have do many questions and concerns. I have been reading everything I can on this forum and find it helpful, encouraging, and frightening. The father remains at the shelter; I look for him all the time. He has been adopted and returned three times since we had him that one day. My hope is that Panda has a healthy sow to bond for life with and one healthy boar so I can build a cage for the boars and re adopt the father. I'm just trying to keep the focus on Panda's healthy delivery for now. The shelter's website advertised the pig as a girl and we spoke in person about adopting a girl and so I failed to double check the sex. I don't think I would have known how to do that correctly at the time. I feel horrible about my mistake but we will make the bedt of it. These are tricky little sweeties.

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01-06-14, 05:49 am
Welcome to the forum. You should check out some of the prenancy threads so u know what to expect. I'm sorry your in such a perdicament. Read much and be a very informed cavy slave.

01-06-14, 10:56 am
If your sow ends up having all sows, you can always get the male neutered and he can live with all of your girls.

Welcome to the forum, she's very cute.

01-06-14, 07:20 pm
The vet doesn't think Panda is pregnant. Such great news. We'll wait out the full gestational period to be safe then resume the search for a cage mate.