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08-06-01, 07:36 am
Does anyone know how this does on absorbency? I just read that Crown didn't work very well, and I thought they were the same thing (more or less).
I was thinking of putting Yesterday's News (or a local brand, Eco-something-or-other that they have at the pet store) on the bottom of the cage to prevent the urine from getting on the bottom like it does now with the aspen. I am afraid that when we have the chloroplast cage bottom ready, we will not be able to scrub it as thoroughly as we do now because it will not fit in the bathtub. Also a lot of scrubbing might damage the plastic (not sure how thick it will be) and the corners are "sharp", not rounded so they will be much harder to scrub out. How do you clean the chloroplast/cube cages? The room it is in is carpteted so we don't want to make a big mess with spilling buckets of water and stuff.
I am not sure what to put on top. I was going to keep using the aspen for that but I don't want Piglet to get splinters. I don't want to use hay because that makes it way too hard to spot-clean. Ideas? The only bedding sold here is cedar (out, obviously), pine (out) aspen and Yesterday's News. I would order online, but my mom put her foot down on that one.
Sorry this is so long!

08-06-01, 09:02 am
I just bought a small bag to try. Haven't opened it yet. Will let you know.

They don't sell Carefresh? I would ask your store to carry it.

I never need to "scrub" the cages. I use a spray bottle (recycled) of half water/half vinegar. After I remove the old bedding, the bottom of the cage is barely damp. It shouldn't be wet or damp at all if you are using the right bedding and changing it often enough. The only part that sometimes needs a little elbow grease are the walls with any little stuck on poops. They get the dirtiest with pee squirts. But even that is no big deal. You should be able to clean the cage in place. Let me know if you need more info.

My big cage room has white carpet! I manage to keep it clean.

08-06-01, 11:59 am
Thanks! The spray bottle is a good idea. The room I have the cage in has white carpet, too. (What were we thinking? :evil: )
I might try asking them to carry Carefresh, although I doubt it would do any good. I know of another store that might if I asked them to, but it's farther away and I don't want that to be our only source of bedding. It's pretty expensive, anyway, especially if we decide to go with the 2x5 grid size. I'm still debating that with my parents. I am afraid that the aspen is giving Piglet callouses (sp?) on her feet...the vet said it was normal for pigs and not to worry, but it doesn't look normal to me...I would feel better if she was on a softer bedding.
I'll see what works out.

08-06-01, 03:18 pm
Callouses are no big deal. Don't worry about it.

Just tried to find a cheaper source of Carefresh. No luck. I think it's what I'm going to have to live with.

08-07-01, 03:00 am
I do wish I could go with carefresh. However, since it looked like it would take just about the entire bag to fill our 2X4 cage, and it cost $20 a pop, and we were expected to change out the cage once a week, my husband just wouldn't go for it. :( We are still in search of the perfect bedding.


08-07-01, 06:35 am
I can buy it in one of our pet stores here for $14.

One of my local stores discounts it for me to $12.

I wouldn't want to pay more than $14. I think it wholesales for somewhere around $11. Not sure. $20 is a very big margin sale. Maybe you can talk them down in price? Maybe offer to buy several bags at a time? I know the "breeder's price" is around $14.50. You can order it online for around that price plus shipping.

Let me know if you find anything else. I spoke with one of the distributors yesterday. He said, it's not just us that wants to find a better solution. If the pet stores are also using it, that's kind of clue that they can't find much else that's better out there either. And they don't get it for free, either.

To stretch out CareFresh, what about a layer of newspaper underneath and a thinner layer of CareFresh on top? Just an idea. And yes, it does take an entire bag in the 2x4 grid cage.

08-07-01, 03:47 pm
I assume you are talking about the large bag of Carefresh. That is ridiculous - $20 each time you have to fill the cage - and that's not counting in-between bedding replacement! I would definitely barter with them. Buy it in bulk or something like that.
I can't get Carefresh anyway, it is too expensive online and I am sure if I was even able to get a pet store here to carry it (unlikely) they would charge even more. I think I am going to go with Yesterday's News or another pelleted newspaper bedding on bottom, and aspen on top.

08-08-01, 03:17 am
I think I might try the barter thing and see how that goes...I have a "male" (he's neutered) and female piggie...so maybe I would qualify for a breeder? ;) haha!


08-08-01, 07:27 am
Here's what works for me, maybe you can figure out a similar angle. I refer a lot of people from my adoptions to his store. Enough so that he'll do anything to keep me happy. Referrals from a website can work that same angle!

At least he doesn't carry guinea pigs, although he's lousy at the rest of the animals. So we have a truce. But he does carry some things that are hard to find.

08-09-01, 10:35 am
Regarding callouses, one needs to keep an eye out for bumblefoot or sore-hock-type infections. The Bedding, flooring, hard surfaces, and ubcleanliness of a cage can present foot problems for a guinea pig.

08-09-01, 01:24 pm
I'm sure Piglet doesn't have bumblefoot. I've seen pictures of it. I know I should use a softer bedding, but the aspen is the best I can get here. It's not that hard. It's better than having the pelleted newspaper bedding on top. I would change if I could but I think that's what I'm going to have to stick with at least for the top layer. Hay is just too darn messy and it makes spot cleaning a big pain. I'll keep an eye on her feet.

12-23-06, 06:31 pm
Hey, I bought some Yesterdays news at the petstore today, but I accidently got The kitty littler instead of the smell animal litter, Does anyone know if it would be bad for my piggies to use up the Kitty litter bag before I buy the different type?

12-23-06, 06:41 pm
This confused me for a minute...kept seeing the dates of the original posts and wondering what the heck? HAHA

Anyways, by the kitty litter type do you mean like Feline Pine?
Is it a pelleted paper product? If so, this is fine to use as long as it doesn't have a strong odor. If it is strongly scented, it should be avoided. Take a good wiff of the bag and if it seems it has a pretty faint smell, it should be ok.

12-23-06, 07:08 pm
Yea confused me to. Your better off making a new post with a new question instead of bringing up one that's around 5years old. That's usually frowned upon unless it's a post you started yourself and you wanted to add an update to it.

Yesterday's News actually markets their bedding for various animals with different packaging. I believe it's all basically the same(paper based pellets) just maybe different sizes of pellets. It should work. Only thing I would check first is if they added a scent to the cat litter version. Sometimes companies will add something like cedar oil to the one they sell as cat litter and then sell an unscented version for small pets. Good Mews brand is like that. The added scents are potentially toxic or will at least cause respiratory problems. If it's still unscented then it's safe.

12-23-06, 11:18 pm
we've tried a few different kinds of litter with our ferrets - swheat scoop, which is made from wheat works ok, but they'd sometimes try to eat it -_- we also tried that corn cob stuff, with the same results... we're currently using yesterday's news - it's awesome. it's just scrunched up little newspaper pellets, and it doesn't stick to fur or anything, and it just expands when it gets wet. It's much less of a pain in the butt when the ferrets kick it out of their litterboxes too, I think that's why we switched over from the tiny pellet kind (both girls have a morning workout routine which includes bench pressing their litter boxes -_-)

I am going to start using regular sheet newspaper for my piggies though, after experiences with ferrets - also because we're not supposed to use ANY kind of wood shavings with ferrets, the oils in the wood give them breathing problems, and we've stopped using shavings with our long haired boy piggies because... ugh... clumpies in the fur and butt :( They're just on towels right now, but after christmas we're going to pick up some newspaper and fleece for them!

I'm sure yesterdays news would be great for piggies in combination with shavings or something. Because once it gets wet, it gets big and stays wet.

12-24-06, 09:02 am
Hey, I bought some Yesterdays news at the petstore today, but I accidently got The kitty littler instead of the smell animal litter, Does anyone know if it would be bad for my piggies to use up the Kitty litter bag before I buy the different type?

The cat kind is fine. The bag is cheaper and has a lot more in it and is the samething as the small animal. I know several people on the forum love the YN and would never look back. As long as it is the green bag than you are fine.

12-26-06, 10:39 am
If you're worried about the cost of Carefresh every time you want to change your bedding, try using fleece. I found it much less expensive since i have a 2x4 cage and it took a whole big bag of Carefresh that was $20 to fill it up completely. Anyway, I like the fleece a lot better because it's washable. You don't have to go to the store every week and buy new bedding, you can just throw it in the wash. Also, the fleece doesn't make a big mess all over your floor, except if you have litter trays in the cages..Anyway, just a suggestion :).

12-27-06, 09:28 am
YN is fine in the green cat litter bag, but make sure you got the UNSCENTED kind. It also comes in "Fresh Scent" or something, you don't want that kind.

12-27-06, 10:24 am
I switched using aspen pine to yesterday news in their litter boxes. It's easier to clean on the fleece,and very absorbent, and since my boys like to lounge in their litter pans they seem not to smell as much. I also use a little scuncii steamer to clean the coroplast, and grids. It's fast and easy, my two favorite words :) .