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01-04-14, 07:35 pm
Hi, my names Seth. I recently adopted my first ever guinea pig, Almond :), just a few weeks ago not knowing much about them. I figured it would be a good move to join an informative forum to help me with any problems/questions/concerns I might have. Glad to be here.

01-04-14, 07:51 pm
Welcome to the forum! I'm Sarah :)

You'll find loads of great advice here, and even if it's an obscure question, one of the admins or moderators always knows the answer!

01-04-14, 07:52 pm
Oh, and welcome to Almond as well from Daisy and Minnie. :)

01-04-14, 08:16 pm
Welcome to the forum Seth and Almond! I'm Stephanie :) We are all happy to help where we can. Glad you're here!