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Karas pigs
08-13-01, 12:11 am
I got the girlie-bops a "Small Animal Kingdom A-Frame Tunnel Natural Nest" from Petco. I got mine at my local Petco, but here's the link for them if you can't find them locally:


I stuffed each hole with hay until it looked like it had exploded. Just takes a few seconds!! I put it in the cage and the girls went nuts!! Even with the four of them, they all had their own spot! They love it when the hay gets low and they have to stick their noses in a "work" at it!! I fill it just about every day. I can tell when it needs to be filled because every hole is indented from their noses pushing at it.

They go for this before the hay racks. It's right at their level. It has been fun for them and me too!!

Kara and the girlie-bops

08-13-01, 03:43 pm
Hey Kara, that link didn't work. Try it again. When you copy and paste it in, make sure the httppart is in there so the link will automatically convert to be "clickable" or add the [ link ] and [ / link ] code without spaces before and after the address.


Karas pigs
08-15-01, 09:41 pm
Sorry... it pasted ok on the accessory page. Strange! Give this a try:

www.petco.com/product_inf...=&subtab=1 (http://www.petco.com/product_info.asp?sku=4258367555&tab=&subtab=1)


08-16-01, 12:07 am
mucho bettero! Thanks.

08-16-01, 05:42 am
Hey, are you a native spanish speaker? ;)


08-16-01, 10:42 am
Must have been the Sangria :)