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01-02-14, 12:43 pm
Heya! I'm new here, and I thought that I should introduce my guinea pig. This is Pookie;
59334I got her in late July, 2013. I dont know how old she is, i think about 2 months old when i got her:jester:. you cant see in that pic, but she has a black spot going around her eye from her ear. I keep her in a 2x3 ft. cage, but she is frequently taken out to have floor time. So, yeah. thats pretty much all i have to say for now.
Thank you for checking this thread out!
CavyCzar ~Ruled by Guinea Pigs~

01-02-14, 12:49 pm
What a cute piggie! Welcome to the forum and welcome to Pookie also :D

01-02-14, 01:01 pm
Welcome to the forum! Pookie is adorable! :D

01-02-14, 03:25 pm
Thank you for making me and Pookie feel welcome! Pookie says 'Hi!' Thanks again!
CavyCzar ~Rule by guinea pigs~

Amanda Branch
01-02-14, 08:21 pm
What an adorable piggie!!!!! Welcome to the site!!!!!!