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01-02-14, 10:21 am
Hello! I am a newbie here and just wanted to introduce myself or my piggies
I have two female piggies at the moment. Two sisters from petsmart, unfortunately. The petsmart where I live is fairly new and they clean out the cages daily and even give them veggies! Anyways there aren't any places that I can adopt a guinea pig so I could only buy.
But the girls are three months old without any names. One is black white and tan and the other is brown white and a little black which we might name Kallie. I got them yesterday and they are already running laps all over the cages. They are so fun and hyper little things. Right now they are in a Midwestern Guinea Pig Habitat Plus. Is not huge but it does meet the minimum requirement and compared to their tiny bodies it is huge I haven't seen much of them since they are still scared but I woke up this morning to them running laps and popcorning! I lifted my head and they got scared and ran back in their igloos and slept. I have some questions but I will save those for another thread. I am so excited to be a new member and a new owner!
haha I am so confused on how to upload a photo but if there is one... The one on the right is 'Kallie' and the one on the left in the igloo is Unknown and sorry for the quality it's morning and dark in my room. I will get better pictures later(:

01-02-14, 10:36 am
Welcome to the forum! :)

Don't worry about them being skittish at first, it's only their nature. After plenty of cuddles, hand fed veggies, talking softly to them, and just being around them in general, they'll get comfortable. It can take some time though, that just depends on the piggies. :)

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01-02-14, 10:56 am
Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to get a lot of great information and inspiration.

01-03-14, 07:43 pm
Welcome! I totally 1 up on the name Kallie! ;)