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5 littlepiggies
12-31-13, 08:04 am
My story starts about 12yrs back. Iwas first intraduced to c&c cages when daughter was thinking about getting a rabbit or a GP. The rabbit won dispite my childhood pleedings for a weeker. We built a cage that was cool but I had limited creativity back then . Fast forward to nov of this year. My daughter now 17 says she wants a GP. Then my Wife falls in love with them.

Oh btw I'm Korey and I own five GPs or rather am owned by them. They reside in a very nice 26 with an uper level of 21. I do fleece beding, I am addicted to fleece now. And they love it too. Daily veggies,pellets and a grip load of hay 24/7. Omg can they eat hay. so now the whole fam is in on this GP adventure. Any Who nice to be here and we'll talk soon.

12-31-13, 08:27 am
Greetings and welcome! I hope you stick around, nice to meet you :)

5 littlepiggies
12-31-13, 08:38 am
Oh I'm sure I will. With five pigs who else is going to understand me? And lend me advice?

12-31-13, 09:26 am
This is the greatest site... Welcome!!

12-31-13, 09:43 am
Welcome! Pigtures would be an awesome treat! :)

12-31-13, 11:47 am
Welcome to the forum :cool:!

12-31-13, 11:57 am
Welcome to the forum Korey! :)

12-31-13, 12:28 pm
Welcome! I've gotten a lot of good adivce and support here

5 littlepiggies
12-31-13, 02:31 pm
Thank you for the welcom I have been around here for a while just decided it was time to check.in. My cage is cool this time because of all
Your awsome cages . So thanks for the help. My newest project now is no sew liners beds and lap pads. So any totorals that can be linked would be great. Have a great afternoon and happy piggin.

12-31-13, 02:54 pm
First link is to the no sew fleece liners and second link is how I did everything. She shows how to make fleece liners with a 14 inch extension to cover the coroplast sides, potty pads, and think a lap pad as well but if not I made my lap pads the same way she shows how to make the potty pads, just bigger. :)



5 littlepiggies
12-31-13, 03:04 pm
Wow that was cool I def can use these. Thanks.