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12-29-13, 11:37 pm
Hey all!

I am about 4 months into owning my first piggy and 1 1/2 months into my second. I've gotta say, I have always been a cat person (having grown up with them my entire life), but after finding a significant other who is unfortunately allergic to them, I have also found my wonderful little babies who I otherwise may not have been introduced to. I am still very new to piggies and I'm eager to learn all I can! I'm also very happy to be a part of the piggy community!

12-30-13, 12:05 am
Welcome to the forum, you'll find a lot of great information here!
Do you have any pictures of your piggies? :)

12-30-13, 12:06 am
Welcome to the forum :)

Ditto to what Alex said, we want to see pigtures!

12-30-13, 12:37 am
Welcome! It's nice to meet you! Cat people unite! Haha. :)

12-30-13, 01:03 am
I am still trying to figure out the site, so here are pictures of both of them from a link. These are just older head shots, which is all I can manage right now. How would I upload pictures other than my avatar and profile pic (if I can)?
Let me know if this link doesn't work:

12-30-13, 01:16 am
I was recently a newbie here too! But welcome! I too am a cat person, I have 5 cats! :)

12-30-13, 02:44 am
Just click on the picture icon along the top of your draft message where all the other icons are. (The picture icon is the third to the last icon.) Then choose upload photos, pick one photo, it'll take a second to show up, then press the space bar and do that process for as many photos as you want to upload. :)