View Full Version : my nibbles is really sick!!!!! help

12-28-13, 12:20 am
I started this account to get advice from guinea pig pet owners, it started a couple days ago my guinea pig was getting lazy, then today this morning i noticed him not eating or drinking water, he already had loose stools, now they became bloody, i rushed him to the animal hospital, they gave him a steroid shot because he is really sick, and a couple other shots to help him, but now he is home and is even slower and bleeding more, i think its because the thermometer they put back there, please help

12-28-13, 12:32 am
Not eating or drinking could be caused by bloat, but since there has been blood in the waste, I would lean toward stones or a UTI. Is he straining/squeaking while eliminating? I would read over http://www.guinealynx.info/stones.html and see if he matches any of the other symptoms. It doesn't sound like the vet you went to was an exotics vet, you need to go to an exotics vet for further treatment.

12-28-13, 12:35 am
Nibbles to get vet care ASAP. Do you have an extoic vets near you?

12-28-13, 12:37 am
yes he does squeak when he goes, i wen to becker animal hospital and pet resort, i feel so helpless i been crying all day because i feel so scared he is not going to pull through this, i been trying to make him drink water but now he is just sitting there in the corner, i picked up his little blanket and there i a small pool of blood behind him with a pile of waste, i dont know but think its because they took him temperature that cause him to bleed more, but its more like watery bllod

12-28-13, 12:45 am
he finally moved to the other side of his cage, he is actually up now intead of laying down but i know he is no where close to better yet, is there anything i should do or can do?

12-28-13, 01:31 am
Sounds like stones to me. Do you have any pain meds you could give him? You need to get him to a exotics vet ASAP. Time is crucial.

12-28-13, 01:39 am
no i dont have any meds, we are tight on cash right now,i just hate the position we are in, i know its my fault for emergency pet funds but i am new to this and i only had enough for the vet visit today, but i didnt know it has to be an exotics vet

12-28-13, 01:44 am
Thank you everyone for all the advice, i really appreciate it, i did look up the becker hospital and it is classified under exotic, but the vet did seem to be in a hurry, never again that vet, i will let you know how he is doing, I am going to take him tomorrow to another clinic and i hope they can do more for him there, than you

12-28-13, 02:02 am
Even among exotics vets, there are vets that know a lot about guinea pigs and some who don't know much about them at all. Before going in to see a vet, it would be easier on your wallet to call them up and ask some questions about their guinea pig experience. This page has some good questions to ask: http://www.guinealynx.info/vet.html

12-28-13, 08:11 am
amandalruiz, please don't start multiple threads on the same pig. I'm closing your other one.

Was this an exotic vet that you saw? Or just a dog-and-cat vet?

I hope the steroids will take care of the bloody stools. It sounds as though his intestines are irritated/inflamed for some reason, and the steroid should help calm that down. However, he MUST eat -- guinea pigs have to have food moving through at all times to keep them alive. Seehttp://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html for information on how to do that. If he's eating nothing else, he needs 50-60 cc of Critical Care or a pellet slurry every day, split into 5-6 feedings.

12-28-13, 07:34 pm
he is moving more today, I am changing his bedding every 6 hours or so, I kept putting his water closer to his mouth and he finally started drinking, but he still has not touched his food, the vet i took him to was becker animal hospital, they are classified as exotic on the web but don't know if they actually are.

12-28-13, 07:34 pm
where can i get a pellet slurry?

12-28-13, 07:54 pm
You make a pellet slurry. Grind up some pellets with a blender or a food processor and mix with some water.

12-29-13, 01:25 am
okay and do i hand feed him?

12-29-13, 01:53 am
Yes. Put some of the slurry in a syringe, and insert the nozzle at an angle behind his front teeth. Gently push a bit out, let him swallow, you do not want him to aspirate anything.

12-29-13, 08:56 am
I gave you a link about handfeeding in post #10 on this thread. Please read it.

12-29-13, 10:36 am
As a little side note, if you don't have a blender or food processor etc, you can put the pellets in cling film (saran wrap) or a plastic bag and go over them repeatedly with a rolling pin/hammer/anything substantially hard. It won't be as broken down as with a processor or blender, but if you haven't got one of those, that's the next best option. Just ensure you do this thoroughly to break them down as much as possible.

12-31-13, 09:27 am
Thank you, okay nibbles stopped bleeding yesterday, he did have a little loose stools, but now he is eating on his own, and drinking water only when i talk to him, but i have not seen any waste from him at all, he is urinating now but no waste,