View Full Version : C&C Cage size good for 6?

12-26-13, 05:18 pm
Hello everyone! Currently this is my C&C cage spec. 3x7 with 3x2 second floor loft. I have 4 girls atm and am planning on adopting either 1 more or 2(they look like twins but a young pair) My girls do use the second floor very often but I'm not sure. Considering I ordered more bars and better locks, I'm looking to make the cage completely sturdy but due to the space they are in, I will have to knock off 1 set to make it 3x6. However, I'm planning to take advantage of the space and make the second floor into a seemingly longer hallway via 2x5. So my question is, would a 3x6 with a 2x5 second floor work for 5-6 girls? My current girls are angels and they don't ever fight over space. They just have the occasional rumble strutting and mounting due to being in heat.

12-26-13, 05:28 pm
Seems like there would be enough space. However, be aware that adding guinea pigs to an already established group or pair can cause upheaval in the existing relationships.

12-26-13, 05:40 pm
It has crossed my mind that introducing one, even TWO would cause quite a bit of trouble. I had trouble myself introducing a baby to the 3 I originally had, but ironically my oldest accepted her as if she was a mother. These 1 or possibly 2 are very young (1-2 months) If this does happen, I may have a wall between them and introduce them slowly. I am going to be moving out this summer with a friend of mine and the house we're looking towards is much bigger, thus I will most likely increase their cage to 4x8,4x10, 3x10 (with lofts). As I understand bigger is sometimes better for them. I am glad to hear that there would be enough space. I know my girls love to do laps so I was worried if removing 1 section to add more to the second floor would have a negative impact on them in any way.

12-27-13, 11:30 am

Just an update but I've completely rebuilt their cage last night (took 2 hours) and since I got both my new hay racks and hay I considered this their Christmas gift c: I finished at midnight. Also yes it's a bit dirty as I was so excited I took pictures when I was finished and immediately put them in their cage. They were happy!~