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12-23-13, 09:12 am
My girlfriend, and I, are new guinea pig owners! I had one briefly for a short time when I was 12 (moved, was given away) and have always wanted one since. Unfortunately, this is not the most ideal circumstances but we'll try to make the lives of our pigs the best that we can! I love researching and reading about cavy's!

The options to get a guinea pig in this country are limited (as is our ability = no car). We had to get them from a big department store (they have a "pet" section). We guess them to be between 9 weeks and 23 weeks old. They were in separate glass cages at the pet store. We checked that they are both female by trying the press the area to see if it a Y.

Their names are Cavy and GP (short for guinea pig). The bigger sow is an adorable looking white guinea pig with black eyes and a blue circle ring around it (a little bit fluffy as well). The smaller sow is an adorable beigeish color with red eyes. Even from the start, it is apparent they have really different personalities.

We really wanted to get the cube grids and coroplast everyone talks about on here. I spent 2 weeks going to different areas of this city (Busan) to random street markets, big department stores, etc etc to try and find either. My gf is Korean and even she couldn't really find anything.

We settled on getting storage tubs..i know i know...but it's the best we could do. We got two tubs, each 24 inches long X 18 inches wide X 7.5 inches high. We got those ones to combat any chance of the ventilation issue.

Right now, both the girls are in one tub (with the lid open, we put carboard around the sides, as they can reach the top quite easily even now). We are going to take them to the vet on Saturday (they both seem to be scratching quite a bit) to get checked out. Can feel a few bumps/maybe dandruff on the white one.

Our biggest concern for the moment is whether they get along or not. The beige color piggie is such a sweety...and seems so nice. The white color piggy seems kinda of mean and pushes the other one out of the way when they get in their tissue box hideaway.

As there is still almost a week before Saturday, and their area is quite small, do any of you have any suggestions? We could put each pig by itself (next to each other) in separate tubs. We just don't want them to end up hating each other because they are cramped for space right now. On Saturday, after taking them to the vet we'll be modding the plastic (sawing it) so that the cage becomes the full 48 X 18. It seems they get along decently, but concerned about the white one bullying the beige one when they get inside the tissue box house.

I wish we could do more/give them a bigger home for our pigs, but my entire place itself is only 12 feet X 10 (with random islands/couches etc) thrown in. They have a whole section dedicated to themselves basically. We thought we'd at least be loving parents, and give them the right nutritional food, lot's of affection and a much bigger area than a small pet cage that they'd likely end up in.

Also, is it normal that for pigs to jump on top of their tissue box house? The white one jumps on/off the top of it quite easily. She even almost got over the 7.5 inch side once and was trying to climb out!

So to recap, should I separate them into different tubs? Should I cut the tissue box house in two? Should I add a tissue box house?

Nice to be here with a bunch of other piggie enthusiasts. I've always wanted some and it's so exciting to finally have them.

12-23-13, 09:28 am
Annyeonghaseyo.......and welcome to the Forum!

The Forum has a pretty good search engine (upper right box w/magnifying glass) and you will find a wealth of information in previous posts. Search for "closet shelving" and "alternative cages", and look through the photos gallery for some very creative ideas. Closet shelving is something one can buy at a hardware store and have it cut to length.

You can use all kinds of things as a base.....fleece over a shower curtain, linoleum, even plastic tubs with low sides. You can combine the tubs with the closet shelving. Have you considered joining a couple of pet-store cages? If your cavies have plenty of room, the dominance issue may go away. Some cavies are athletic, some not. Try to remember that they are as individual as we are.

12-23-13, 11:09 am
I wouldn't personally separate them, as you have only just got them, they're still figuring out who the dominant pig will be. There may be squealing, nipping, mounting and rumblestrutting happening regularly, and none of them are anything particularly serious. It can be hard to watch, but it's perfectly natural because they're deciding the hierarchy of the two. As long as no blood is draw, and neither are being deprived of food by the other, it's perfectly okay to keep them together.

As spy9doc says, you can be really creative with cages, so have a look round for ideas. You can even buy a really big play pen, and put a coroplast base in, if you can't find the cubes. I have a large play pen which is 5 feet long, that's got roughly 3 feet high walls. You could even just put fleece down in it and use it as a cage if you didn't mind some hay/poop etc getting flicked out. I just use it as a play pen, but thats another way of providing a large cage C&C style-ish.

12-23-13, 09:25 pm
Okay, thanks for the advice. Yeah, I really would love to build a huge cage (or even an entire room for them), but it's just not really feasible at this time. I live in a tiny studio apartment so their cage is literally have the entire floor space that isn't occupied/walkway right now. I'll upgrade them (and me) in a year or so when I move out of this place. I have a 8 ft by 3 walkway area that I am finding an inexpensive way to piggie proof (so they can run around there for 4 hours when I'm home).

They are such sweeties already...grew so fond of romaine lettuce and bell peppers in just the last 3 days since I got them! Must of never tasted vegetables before (they wouldn't touch it the first day).

12-24-13, 01:11 am
Welcome to the forum!

I won't recommend separating them, but they'll need their own hidey. Most pigs don't like to share.

Do you have Daiso near you? If you do, you can find grids there.
See this cage as an example.


See the post about it here:

You'll also find lot of ideas here:

If space is an issue, consider building storage under the cage. These are some samples:
http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/512/medium/Piggadise_1_.JPG (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/alternative-cages/p21252-connected-playpen-cage-on-worktop.html)

http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/512/medium/Foto009.jpg (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/alternative-cages/p21920-cavy-condo.html)

http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/512/medium/view_of_the_cage.jpg (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/alternative-cages/p17013-candy-cherry-home.html)

12-29-13, 04:07 am
Thanks for the awesome advice about cages. Managed to find a good enough knife and to cut the tubs and to connect them (was really hard actually...but well worth it). About 9 square feet now ~4.5 ft long X 2 ft wide. Going to take more of those ideas and see how I can expand it when I have some more weekend time in the next few weeks.

They look sooooo cute now and are so friendly. Went to the vet, he gave them a little bit of Revolution drops, checked the sex (female), weighed them (295 grams and 265 grams...sooooo small!), and gave us some oatmeal lotion to put on them. Taking them back in 2 weeks to get something else (can't remember right now, maybe invercetimin..will have to check my notes).


12-29-13, 08:12 am
My goodness they're cute! The white one has such big beautiful eyes!

12-29-13, 08:53 am
Gorgeous guineas! They are simply beautiful.

12-29-13, 09:19 am
Oh my, they are beautiful piggies! I am impressed that you are really finding ways to provide adequate space for your babies, and for that I already know that you're going to be a wonderful piggie parent! :)

Given that you already have a bigger space for them, then you can also provide another hidey house for them so that they don't fight over the existing one. And yes, some piggies are just more athletic and like to jump on and off their hideys. My Freya does that A LOT. lol

12-29-13, 10:08 am
They are adorable compared to my little fatsos!!!!

12-29-13, 11:55 am
Thanks everyone =) Had such a long day at work...was so nice to just sit on the couch with my gf and we each had one of them up to snuggle and feed. They make such cute noises!