View Full Version : Zip Ties Re-using Zip Ties?

12-21-13, 04:56 pm
So I've read a few times on here that you can re-use zip ties. I always thought once you zip them, the only way to get them off was to cut them. Would anyone mind telling me how to un-zip zip ties? I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you! :)

12-21-13, 05:01 pm
As far as I know, they have to be cut off. I never saw a reusable one.

12-21-13, 05:04 pm

I use these for things like water bottles and holding up grids on top for fleece forest.

12-21-13, 05:06 pm
Never mind I googled it! You can use really anything pointy, like a paper clip or nail and push on the latch inside the zip lock part and it should release it! I just tried it and it worked for me! :)

12-21-13, 05:16 pm
Well really you're pushing up the latch, there is a YouTube video on it if you're curious. I know they are super cheap but I like to test out different things on Penelope's room and sometimes it doesn't work or I change my mind and I hate wasting things. Haha

12-22-13, 09:52 am
Have any of you ever used the metal zip ties?

12-22-13, 11:00 am
It is a pain,but yes you can. Seems like you've already figured it out though (:

12-22-13, 11:16 am
No, actually never even considered them because most I've seen have sharp edges. Do you have something specific in mind? If so, can you post a pic?

I didn't buy any, I just happen to see some in a hardware ad. Sharp edges is kinda why I asked. I wondered about it. I think if I want to use metal I'll probably have my husband make me some custom clips at work. That way I'll know they are safe.