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12-17-13, 02:51 pm
I am loving wood pellets/care fresh for my two cages. I changed them yesterday after four weeks and while doing the old guys, I realized I could go another week or two past the younger guys. Except for cuddle sacks/cups, I do not use fleece anymore and since they spend a lot of their time under the grid tunnels laying down, I could go without that.

I change the kitchen box (newspaper and hay) every day or two and every few days stir up the cage. Each cage gets one 40# bags of pellets and 1/2 a 60 oz bag of care fresh naturals and there is no odor at all. Very little washing and the cage always looks so much cleaner.

12-17-13, 02:54 pm
I knew I'd convert somebody eventually!

12-17-13, 04:14 pm
About 1/3 of my cage is pine pellets. I don't think I'd ever go 100% pellets because I still love how cute fleece is and I do like that it is reusable. I have the best of both worlds. Now that my kitchen area is so large the majority of my fleece stays cleaner for much longer and it's much easier to spot clean. I love the in the kitchen though, they have more than doubled the length of time I can go between full cage cleanings.

12-17-13, 04:27 pm
That should have said a 60L bag of care fresh.

Fleece is wonderful, I used it for the young guys and they were pretty much potty trained but the moment they got with the old guys, it all went away. Even though they are not housed with them, they never got their manners back. The fact it never smells( stirring every few days cuts any build up) for so long it's great.

I like that the care fresh and the pellets are compostable too.

12-17-13, 05:58 pm
I use kiln dried pine shavings, my guinea pigs feet are soft and squishy and never have any callouses or bumble foot or anything :)
Yes, using wood pellets is fine.

01-02-14, 01:57 pm
I just bought hardwood pellets and was gonna mix with carefresh is this what you guys did so it was softer on their feet.. I really like care fresh but it is so pricey..

01-02-14, 02:11 pm
I use 1/2 a bag of carefresh over the pellets, I get the natural, sometimes the more expensive. I go 4 weeks between changes with the stirring every 3 days and the hay box/kitchen dump every other day. $7.00 for the 40# bag of pellets and about $8 for half the bag of carefresh. That's $15.00 for a month compared to the laundry room of 8.00 a week.

01-02-14, 02:22 pm
I got a bag of 100% hard wood with no additives ( I called the manufacture) I an gonna try hope my babies like it