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12-17-13, 12:12 pm
Hello everyone!

My name is Wendy. Im from Brooklyn, NY, 28 years old, happily married, have a 2 years old daughter, and now I'm a proud owner of a cute and sweet little male piggy Chester that I adopted recently on November 29, 2013.
I grew up with a guinea pig before, he was my best friend and lived for 5 years. It devastated me that my first guinea pig died that it took me up until now to finally own another one. I wanted my daughter to grow up with guinea pig like I did because they are such wonderful pets. My daughter is in love with Chester, and Chester loves to chase after her.:love:
I'm planning on adopting another male piggy very soon and built them a bigger cage. Just not sure how they would behave with each other. I'm in love with the fleece bedding and making tons o them. For now I only have a 2x3 cage.
58712 Chester's age is unknown but we are estimating 2-3 years old.

12-17-13, 01:50 pm
Welcome... I'm fairly new here. Chester is very Handsome :-)

12-17-13, 02:12 pm
Awe. Chester is very cute! Welcome!

12-17-13, 02:12 pm
Very cute! Welcome!