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12-15-13, 02:42 pm
Hi, I have just adopted two piggies who were part of a seizure by our local SPCA. I actually fostered them and couldn't stand thinking they may go somewhere inappropriate. I am now creating a 'pink piggy palace' for them to spend the rest of their time in. They were found in a room filled with big birds like cockatoos etc and I can't imagine how scary that must have been. I have found so much wonderful information on this site. Thanks for being here.

12-15-13, 02:46 pm
Congratulations on your new piggies! I know they'll have an awesome life with you as their slave. Can you post some pigtures?

12-15-13, 06:41 pm
Welcome. Thanks for caring for the little ones. Rescue guinea pigs are just the best. And, of course, you will get so much in return. Look forward to pictures. This is a great place to learn about their care.

12-15-13, 07:15 pm
Im sure they have a nice, quiet, warm, bird free home with you! :) Pigtures would be appreciated. lol

12-18-13, 07:06 am
58754My girls

12-18-13, 08:24 am
Welcome to you and your Furbabies!! Awesome job rescuing them and making sure they live their life out happy!

12-18-13, 09:17 am
Adorable and lucky, too!

12-18-13, 09:26 am
They are so cute! <3