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12-14-13, 02:30 pm
Hello, I am happily married with one child from a previous marriage. I also have custody of my adult disabled brother, whom I take care of full time. We all have always loved animals. I raise chihuahuas. We recently got our first guinea pig in September of this year, from a pet store.... I didn't know any better. However Mo, is an awesome little cavy and we are super pleased. He is very smart, and loves to climb over things and run around. He loves interacting with us. A little over a month later, we adopted a second guinea pig to be a friend for Mo. We named "him" Shy One, because he was much more reserved and we just couldn't think of a good name for him. He turned out to be a she. Her name is now ShyAnn, yes I know that it is spelled wrong, it is a play off of her being more shy. Because the people we adopted from had obviously had a litter already, as we adopted ShyAnn at 4 months old, we assumed that "he" had been sexed correctly. ShyAnn is currently pregnant, but thank goodness I found this site, as it may have saved her life, and I KNOW they are much happier and healthier in their larger cages. So...

Now ShyAnn is in now in a 2x4 C&C cage. Mo is in the equivalant of a 2X3 for now, but I plan on upgrading him to at least a 2x5 asap and either keeping a male from the litter or trying to find a friend for him. I considered having him neutered and letting him back with ShyAnn, but I am just too worried about the surgery and prefer not to put him trough it. We love Mo so much. We are hoping to keep a girl from the litter to be a cage mate for ShyAnn.

I am currently using wood shavings, until I can afford some fleece flipper sets. They get plenty of veggies daily and fruit once or twice a week. I have added alfalfa hay to ShyAnnes diet and only pick hear up every couple of days, just to make sure she doesn't get any shavings in her vulva since she is hanging quite low now and make sure she is not getting mucky or anything. As of 2 days ago you can hear the teeth gnashing so it wont be too long now.

Well I guess that's it.

12-14-13, 03:58 pm
You sound busy, but very lovely. :)
I hope lil' ShyAnn give sbirth uneventfully!

12-14-13, 03:59 pm
Also, I can't afford flippers, so I use cloth diaper inserts, and then put a sheet of fleece on top. You can also sew your own flippers. :)

12-14-13, 05:41 pm
Thank you for the welcome! Good idea on the home made flippers. I am doing my best to get them into the best cages and bedding possible. I started with a store bought cage with Mo, then upgraded to a C&C, then had to buy another C&C cage when we realized ShyAnn was pregnant. I have also had some other unexpected expenses pop up in the last two weeks so, finances do not allow for fleece bedding upgrade until next month. I thought it was more important to get a separate cage ASAP and boy was I right. I definitely do not want any more babies!


Mo started wheeking like crazy, his cage is stacked above ShyAnn's, so I went to check and she was having her babies! The first she had in the middle of the cage. She had the rest in her hidey which is in a cat litter pan and has a baby burp cloth in it so no shavings. She had four full term and she had another that had died much earlier and was being reabsorbed. :( But she passed five placentas and every one seems to be doing great. I will weigh them later tonight. I knew she was getting close, but I didn't know she was that close. Looks like she either had them a bit early or was preggo when I got her. I got her mid to late October.

They are all gorgeous! We already have our heart set on the keeping the biggest, so we will have to wait and check genders before we decide which of the rest we will keep, if any.

I do not have a problem keeping two separate cages with four total piggies. But I still may get the boys neutered at a later date.

12-15-13, 07:26 am
Awww! How lovable! And it's so adorable that Mo knew. :)
Keep us posted! What do you mean by reabsorbed?