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12-11-13, 09:27 am
I have viewed this site multiple times and can't express how much I've learned from everyone! It has been such a blessing! I purchased a pig from a nationally recognized pet store for my daughter's birthday. (She has begged me for a year.) I went in a week prior to her b-day and talked with the sales associate for 45 mins. (Boy, did they see me coming!) There were 2 pigs in one cage. I asked about their sex and was informed that they couldn't tell me whether it was a boy or girl because you can't tell their sex until a year old. So, I specifically asked..." If can't tell their sex until a year old, then they don't reach their sexual maturity until then also, right? And it won't make a difference which one my daughter chooses because there isn't any concerns about mating?" My response....Absolutely, that's right! So, a week later, I took my daughter to the store and purchased a book (guide to caring for guinea pigs), cage, and a handsome guy that she named Cheddar (the store was 'pretty' sure it was a boy and predicted between 4-6mos old). We even went to the grocery store to buy veggies just for the pig. It didn't take us long to find this site and within his first 10 days at home with us he now has a C&C cage ( 3 X 4 with an upper level ). It has been amazing to watch Cheddar bond with my daughter! Cheddar was been with us exactly 60 days! Yep, you guessed it! Cheddar is a girl, expecting pups and (from what I've learned and suspecting) due any time now. We've done alot of research (thankful for this site), educated ourselves, and prepared for the big event. As of yesterday, her pelvic bones seemed to be starting to spread. So, Thank You everyone for this site and their post! It really has helped us ALOT to ensure we are caring for Cheddar properly and her soon to be pups!

12-11-13, 10:09 am
Welcome to the forum! I'd love to see pictures of Cheddar and her soon to be pups!
The pet store was wrong about sexing pigs - They can be sexed as babies, and they reach sexual maturity at 3-4 weeks (someone can clarify, I cant remember if it is three or four :rolleyes:)

12-11-13, 10:10 am

If I may suggest, the next time you get a pet, do your research BEFORE you get it, not after. And when these new pups arrive, you'll have to separate any males at 21 DAYS -- they can impregnate females very shortly thereafter, and females can get pregnant at about 28 days.

12-11-13, 12:01 pm
Welcome to the forum. Best of luck to the mom-to-be. Don't feel bad about believing what the sales person told you. I think most people think, well if they work here, they must know something about these animals. That is why sites such as this one are such a godsend for people. I knew nothing about C&C cages before finding this site. My first pigs lived in a store bought cage all their lives. To this day, I still feel bad that they had to live that way.

Once again, good luck with the delivery. Are you going to be able to keep any of the babies? What kind of a pig is Cheddar?

12-11-13, 10:59 pm
It doesn't surprise me that the stores don't know how to sex a guinea pig. A few years back (before we had guinea pigs), my son was interested in Degus. We went to a local pet store (I know - SMH!) and they said they were sure they were the same sex. Brought them home and had a great cage all made for them. We went on vacation and my MIL was tending to them. One day she calls up and says, "Well your degus had babies!" I kid you not. There were at least 5. So, once we came home, I looked it up (I mean it's not that hard to find info anymore on anything!) It was so easy to sex them - even as pups and they are tiny - that I was floored. But, what could you do? When we got our first guinea pig - he came half grown and so it was easy to verify by his testicles. But, while I was learning about them, I found out how to sex them. When I "rescued" my first 3 guinea pigs (after my son's piggy had passed on), I already knew how to sex them and they guy did not. He said it was too young to tell. I think they must think these animals are like cats or something! So, I flipped them up (one at a time) and told him what he had.
It's so easy to sex these animals and I just smh when people say silly things. Oh and this was at another pet store (where I buy crickets for my gecko). He just happened to have guinea pigs and I call it a rescue, because when I was asking about them, he told me I could feed them cat food. I knew right then and there that those guinea pigs had to go home with me. I've had them for a year now - 2 boys and 1 girl. :) I've added another one to the herd (I've only had her for a week now.)

Anyway, good luck with your piggy and piglets!

12-16-13, 08:38 am
I believe Cheddar is a red short haired pig. She has a little white on the top of her head and one one leg. We would like to keep the females with mom. As far as the males, I don't want to take any chances (even with separate cages in separate rooms - LOL). We have 2 good home lined up for the males once they are delivered.

12-16-13, 12:27 pm
As you can tell by my picture the red shorthaired pigs are my favorite. I bet Cheddar is beautiful.