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11-11-01, 08:26 pm
Gud Day! I'm from Manila and I'm wondering if anyone of you knows if there is a supplier here of CareFresh bedding in the Philippines. I have a pair of peruvian and there 3 babies. We have only Pine and Cedar shavings here. I've read that it's a no-no. Please help me. Thanks!

12-09-01, 04:43 pm
You can order it on-line at www.carefresh.ca.

Good Luck!

12-10-01, 01:47 am
You are probably better off trying to find some kiln-dried pine. Shipping (if you can get it) will probably be outrageous. The less pine smell there is the better. You can do a couple of things to reduce the problems associated with pine.

- Air dry the pine yourself. Spread it out in a large bin or tub to air out before you put it in the cage -- probably at least a few days.

- And/or put a generous layer of hay over the pine to help mask the phenols. However, you'll really want to keep the top layer of hay fresh as hay does not really make a great bedding, although the pigs love it!!

Just don't use cedar. Good luck.

12-10-01, 10:10 pm
Thanks! Is it okey if i also use shredded newspaper (soy-based ink)?

12-10-01, 11:07 pm
Definitely, just be sure to clean it frequently.

12-13-01, 08:17 pm
Have you tried looking for kiln-dried pine beddings or Aspen shavings ? What brands are sold in your country ? Some pine beddings are actually kiln-dried -Kaytee Pine beddings are (well according to their webpage).

How's the cavy hobby in the philippines ? Do you have a lot of varieties there ?

12-18-01, 05:52 pm
Actually, I'm not a member of any organization here in the Philippines. My officemate just gave me a pair of peruvians but I think we also have here the different breed of cavy like the peruvian, american, etc. but the one see on pet shops are mostly the local guinea pigs and the abyssinians.