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09-08-05, 01:31 pm
Well between my brother and I we spend a total of around 5 hours a day with oreo (Not all at once) but I spend about 4 hours and my brother just comes home from college and plays with him for a little bit. I don't know how to make a poll so I'll just ask how many hours (Or minutes :eek: ) a day you spend actaully holding your piggies or watching t.v with them or just playing with them?

09-08-05, 02:49 pm
I spend between half an hour and 2 hours with them each morning while I'm cleaning their cage out. I'll pop up to see them for a few minutes during the afternoon, and in the evenings they get between 1 and 3 hours of floor time, which is all spent with me there keeping an eye on them. I tend to lay on the floor and let them climb all over me when I actually shut them out of their cage. They go straight back into it after they've eaten their salad every time they come out, so some nights I just close the doors once they hop out, and leave it shut for about an hour so that they have to run around a bit and explore! So overall I spend about 4 hours with them each day.
I have no siblings to come and play with them or cuddle them for a bit; just my parents, who don't spend as much time with them as me.

In terms of lap time, I'm lucky if I get half an hour with them each day. That's the total time for 4 pigs - mine hate to be held! And if I hold one for too long, the others go around causing trouble - knocking things over, picking on each other, climbing, going to places they shouldn't...

09-08-05, 10:37 pm
I spend most of the day with him, i'm homeschooled and have classes I need to be on the computer for, so I have him in my arms, when he has to go I just put him in his cage for a little bit. Then I'll let him run around a section of the room where there arent any wires and I can see him. Then I just keep on doing that for about 3 hours then I'll let him sleep a bit then I do it again, whith more time in my arms. Jack is afriad of any room if it is big, so that only leaves my room and my school room.

09-09-05, 08:34 am
In the mornings I only have time to give Ginny a 10 min cuddle. Then after school she gets 2 hours of floortime, then an hour of laptime. After that she's in her cage then I'll take her out later in the evening to have 3 hours of floortime then she's gets an hour and a half of laptime while I watch TV. When ever my sister's over she's gets an additional hour of laptime.

09-09-05, 10:29 am
Not much at all. I have 2 girls. They sit nicely and enjoy my petting for about 20 minutes then they have to be returned to their cage to urinate. They are in my bedroom so we see each other all the time and talk to each other.

09-09-05, 08:59 pm
Out of my 5 girls, Snickers gets the most time out of their palace. She and my 10yr old son have a really close bond. She'll sit by him or on him while he does his homework or play on the PS2. She'll sit there for 1/2 hr or more w/out accidents. I'm going to attach a pigture of the two of them. My 7yr old daughter and I get the other girls out and have lap time. The two new girls don't get to be around the other three because they're still in quarantine. Ok I've got to downsize the picture.

09-10-05, 02:23 pm
Yeah I've played with my pig for 3 hours straight with no accedents (1 poop and thats it).

09-10-05, 02:30 pm
Yeah I've played with my pig for 3 hours straight with no accedents (1 poop and thats it).
Wow that's kind of shocking i wish my pigs would do that!! :expressio
I get my Toup'e & Finnigin out for a couple hours in the evening and some time in the afternoon, but Toup'e just kind of sits there the whole time he's not much of the type to play. There isn't a moment that goes by that they dont make a mess eerrrr and then when they start to do nothing and they are falling asleep i put hem to bed. Finn popcorns alot of the time he's out.

09-10-05, 03:37 pm
Yeah normally I spend about 1 hr or 2 on this forum and when I do Oreo is on my right shoulder and Bandit (I've decided a name for my new pig!) is to playful to just sit there and relax. Bandit hasn't had an accedent on me or anything yet and I've been holding him for around 4 hours but I'm going to put him back in the cage with Oreo because they need to get friendly with eachother and I'm sure bandit is getting hungry or thursty. But a weird thing is that I have NEVER seen my piggy sleep. I don't know why but I'll try and sneak in my room to see if he doens't notice me and he will still be just sitting there. I can't figure out a reason. Maybe he has Insomnia.

09-10-05, 03:42 pm
Yeah normally I spend about 1 hr or 2 on this forum and when I do Oreo is on my right shoulder and Bandit (I've decided a name for my new pig!) is to playful to just sit there and relax. Bandit hasn't had an accedent on me or anything yet and I've been holding him for around 4 hours but I'm going to put him back in the cage with Oreo because they need to get friendly with eachother and I'm sure bandit is getting hungry or thursty. But a weird thing is that I have NEVER seen my piggy sleep. I don't know why but I'll try and sneak in my room to see if he doens't notice me and he will still be just sitting there. I can't figure out a reason. Maybe he has Insomnia.

That's funny, up untill maybe a week ago Toup'e wasn't comfortable enough to sleep around Finn when out at play time, but now he kind of lays down. But if he even get's close Toup'e makes sure he get's away. But then they are best buddies in the cage (most of the time and they eat off of each others food. So it just depends what kind of mood there in i guess. I catch Finn asleep all the time i think he's the lazyest pig really.

09-10-05, 03:47 pm
My pig is lazy and he puts his head down but for some reason I just can't catch him sleeping. I'll just set up a cage cam and see what they do while I'm at school hahaha.

09-10-05, 04:33 pm
I read somewhere that some gps don't sleep w/ their eyes closed. I think once they get comfortable they may close their eyes. And they don't sleep very long at one time. They just sleep on & off all day. I think there's a thread somewhere on them sleeping. I saw Snickers w/ her eyes closed for the first time the other day but as soon as she heard me, her eyes popped open.

09-10-05, 08:03 pm
Hm... I caught Bandit sleeping today and Oreo soon later. There eyes were shut and I had a bunch of blankets covering me so they couldn't detect my smell and I was moving very slowly. But afterwords I just jumped out and gave them a hug because they were soo cute when sleeping.

09-10-05, 08:26 pm
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At night, I lay in bed and watch them for a while before I go to sleep. But as for holding them or playing with them, it averages an hour or so a day.

Yeah I've played with my pig for 3 hours straight with no accedents (1 poop and thats it).
The reason is because your pig isn't able to eat or drink while you have him out unless you give him veggies while he is out. Usually if there isn't much food or water going in, there won't be much coming out.

09-10-05, 08:31 pm
Well I normally put a carrot on my chest and a carrot has got a little supply of water. But he just doesn't pee or poop.

Percy's Mom
09-20-05, 08:54 am
Not nearly as much time as I'd like. Being at work all day, my boys are pretty much on their own. Lately, when I get home from work, I spend about an hour each day with one or the other of them watching movies or playing on the computer. Percy likes the keyboard, so occasionally he sends emails to people. Yes, he has his own email address. I set it up for him and Bailey (before he passed away), so I could set up their MySpace page.

09-21-05, 12:59 pm
Aww that's sad that you can't spend much time ::Hugs Oreo:: I just love it how much time I can spend with him and Snickers.

09-26-05, 05:08 pm
I'm in just about the same situation as you Percy's Mom. The main reason is because I don't have any kind of pen so it requires a little more work and my part and less safety on hers. I have a bunch of extra cubes though so I'm going to see if my parents won't let me build a big old 2x5 or 2x6 to put together and dismantle when floor time is over.

Unfortunately though, Baby doesn't really seem to like me. She's just nervous. I know it's because as a baby I never really socialized with her, but now that I'm trying it doesn't seem to be working that well. Otherwise I'd give her a lot more laptime even when I couldn't provide as much floortime as I wanted. Any ideas?

09-26-05, 08:52 pm
Not much. I'm so busy with all of my school activities that often times I come home, do homework for two hours, and then go out again. But when I get the chance I hold them. I see them for at least thirty minutes everyday, though, because in the early morning, before school, when I feed them veggies I'll stand there talking to them and petting them while they eat, same at night, and in between I'll hold them for about five minutes every once in a while.

09-26-05, 09:17 pm
Oh good Doc, I don't feel so bad. My girls haven't got much attention lately w/ school being back in session and I've been very busy at work. The kids give the girls lap time but they don't get as much floor time as I'd prefer to give them. They get at least a 1/2hr on the weekdays except on the day I clean out the entire cage and they get at least two hours that night. I try and make up for it on the weekends. They'll get anywhere from 2-4 hrs out on the floor and plenty of extra love and lap time too. :) I'm hoping once work settles down, I can spend more time w/ them. I do try and have one girl sit w/ me while I'm on the computer, most of them will sit quietly and watch but Coco (the baby) likes to nibble on ya so she still needs work.

09-26-05, 09:24 pm
I know how you feel! Hopefully soon, with my new cage done, I'll be able to give them floor time more easily. I'm planning on building a 4 level 3x5 on my floor with swinging doors so that all I have to do when leaving them out is to open the doors, it'll make it much easier than having to catch them all of the time.

09-27-05, 05:59 pm
With our cavies we bring the girls out for floor time with one set of the boys then after a couple hours the first set of boys go home and the second set of boys come out. (the two sets don't get along with each other very well but love the girls) then the second set of boys and the girls are put up and left to rest for a bit. When they have their floor time they are provided with food and water out in the floor area too and thats their time so they don't get bothered by their people during that time. However other than that someone in the house usually has at least one if not two pigs on their lap. I'm the designated "treat" guy and as soon as they see me in the morning they all let me know which is nice to hear them squeek and purr first thing in the morning. I'm going to school online so I am home most of the day and the pigs are in the living room so they are around us at all times. I think we are their pets actually

11-14-05, 08:37 pm
I used to spend at least 8 hours a day with my guinea pigs, but since I got a job I've only been able to feed them and change their water before I leave for work, then spot clean their cage when I get back home, and hold each one for only an hour... =(
I know they really miss the attention and playtime. I just hope that when I move and find a new job that I will be able to spend more time interacting with them.
~Chris S.

11-16-05, 02:29 pm
I spend around 3 to 4 hours a day with them. I want to spend more, but I don't really have time.

11-16-05, 04:39 pm
At any time of the day there is a guinea pig out of it's cage somewhere. With 9 I can't really say how much time each guinea pig gets. Some do get out more than others because they like to come out and they don't have accidents everywhere or at least they try not to pee on us. Some will actually back up in order to purposely pee on whoever is holding them instead of on the towel or floor. The new little agouti boy purposely peed on my leg yesterday when he was playing on the couch next to me. Peppermint and Maple will go through alot of effort to get off your lap and away from you so they can pee. Some don't get as much floortime because they freak out and just hide in the corner when on the floor unless lots of other guinea pigs are out(Orbit) and some will happily popcorn across the floor even when they are the only guinea pig out(Peppermint). Peppermint is always running around the apartment.

11-17-05, 01:24 am
After reading everyone's responses I feel like a bad parent! My work schedule is kind of weird but the three of them get lap-time for as long as they can stand it at least 5 times a week. Peanut will chill out for 15-20 minutes no problem, Domino maxes out at about 10. Baby will also go for about 10 minutes, even though she won't sit still the whole time. I'm trying to socialize (and fatten up) Baby better so she gets a head start on dinner. She gets an extra laptime during which I handfeed her veggies. She gets bored after 5 minutes of this and gets squirmy.

Their cage opens out onto the couch, so when me and the PD (Piggy's Daddy, also known as the boyfriend) have dinner and watch tv at night, they come out occasionally to join us. This is when they get the zoomies and popcorn a lot.

They don't get floor time because I have a roommate that gallumphs around and I'm worried he'll step on them. The biggest pen I can make with grids is the same size as their cage so there's no point to making it. A few times we let them run around on my queen sized bed, which they seem to enjoy. But both PD and I are terribly allergic to them so we don't do that often.

11-17-05, 11:34 am
I really don't know how to answer this one. Since the cage is in the living room behind the sofa, we are constantly talking to and petting the boys. And with Oreo taking up my daughter's room, he is in constant contact with her for most of the day now too. Our boys cage is easily visible from the kitchen, living room & dining room so even when we aren't talking to them they can see us & we can see them... and Junior will let us know rather loudly if we haven't been paying enough attention to them! Since we homeschool, we are home nearly all the time & we try to include them in as much of our day as possible.

As for structured time with them... the kids & I will talk and play with the boys as we clean out their cages & feed them each morning & evening. Since the kids help me, this usually takes about 1/2 hour or so each time. And Mr. Pigg sits with my son for about 1/2 hour every morning watching a short movie, (about an hour on weekends) and the two of them play together for about another 1/2 hour every evening. Junior gets the same time with my daughter, but he usually just sits in her lap & falls asleep while she pets him. Then during the evening, we have them out in their playpen for 2 - 2 1/2 hours of floor time. Sometimes we'll play with them, but usually we just let them run "wild" during this time. My husband & I will pull them out after the kids have gone to bed for about 1/2 to an hour to play with them & take care of any health issues (sac-cleaning, nail clipping...) that may need attention.

12-27-05, 05:55 pm
Me and my girls give our litte angel tons of attention. I'm a stay at home mom so I have enough time to dedicate to her. When I'm at the computer (which is alot) I usually have her on my lap or chest. She just sits there and 'purrs' and licks me. We have her cage in the den where the computer and tv are so we are always near her. If she is in her cage we are always going over to talk to her and pet her. I've had her almost a week now and we just started floor time a few days ago. We usually keep her on the floor for an hour or so at a time... twice a day. So basically right now we are spending more than half the day with her..lol.

12-28-05, 10:12 am
In the beginning I spent about 30 minutes with lap time each with my piggies. Now, one year later I don't spend as much time with them. They are in my bedroom and I do speak to them and give them treats and take them out from time to time, just not every day. I live in my bedroom so they see me constantly.

They don't seem to care one way or another. They are content in their cage.

02-02-06, 06:02 pm
Not nearly enough. I want to spend more time with them, I really do. You guys are inspiring me, though, I think I'll start stepping up their lap time, and I'm definitely going to stop and get a "pig-pen" (ha! Because they're Woodstock and Snoo...oh, never mind), and then I can sort of set up all of my "caged" pets to be with me on the weekends and in the evening. I really love my little guys-they have such personality! and I'm a bad mummy.

02-03-06, 11:27 am
I pop in and out of the pigs room all day and pick them up for cuddles and to let them run around the floor. At night they all usually come out for an hour or two of lap-time with me and my mother.

02-22-06, 01:22 am
:p I pet my pigs for about 30 minutes every day or every other day (lap time).
I give them floor time 1 hour each day, and I let them run around the whole kitchen (with my cubes blocking off spaces I don't want them getting into, i.e behind the stove).

It only takes me ten minutes a day to clean their cage because I have a double layer of fleece sewed onto a baby matress pad (one big one for the bottom cage, one smaller one for the top part of the cage).

I would spend more time with them, but I'm kinda lazy cuz I'm allergic to them and I have to wash my hands every time I pet them :-p
that and I'm busy with work and university-but my real excuse is having to make sure I wash my hands after I pet them, and not touch things like my sofa and remote controls etc while petting them :cheerful:

04-22-06, 11:20 pm
Well, Melo's cage is in my room, anm so I generally wake up every morning at about six or six thirty to him wheeking aka saying "MOMMY! Where's my veggies!" lol Then he usually gets about 15 to 20 minutes of petting and feeding before I get ready for school. After school, I come home get him out of his cage, and he quietly sits on my lap eating his lettuce while I check my e-mails, and www.cavycages.com (http://www.cavycages.com)! We spend about 2 hours together on the computer everyday. Then we go to my room, and I turn on the television for him while he runs around on my bed, and I do stuff around the house! He's such a spoiled little guy-he loves watching the telly. Altogether, we probably spend about 3 hours together each day!

04-30-06, 07:40 pm
For me I would say one hour of floor time, half hour of holding, and half hour of doing things like feeding and cleaning up poos. YUCK!! That equals about two hours.

08-15-06, 09:34 am
About an hour.

09-09-06, 09:31 pm
The time I get to spend with my boys tends to very quite a bit from day to day depending on my work and school schedule but no matter what I make sure they at least get an hour with me and some floortime. However, if they dont get a lot of playtime one day then I make absolutly sure that I make it up to them the next day by spending about 3 hours with them. I also play with them in the cage everyday and Im getting a guinea pig play pen that will allow them to spend a LOT more time outside of the cage. :0 Im very excited about that!

09-09-06, 10:49 pm
I never really thought about how much time. It kinda varies. More time on weekends than week days since I am home more. They get floor time consistently every other day and go into a really clean cage. In the AM while we get ready in the morning, my son gets one out at a time and carries them around while he finishes getting ready or is waiting for the rest of us.
I am not real consistent with having them out for lap time, that is on and off. I would love to spend more time with them, but I have so many other animals to take care of, plus my boys and my house, it is never easy. I guess that is my consequence of having so many animals.
What I would love to is to be able to take one at a time with me to work. I know I could make it work, but work would not allow it.

09-10-06, 10:13 am
Probably a few hours a day. They get floor time for about an hour every other day, sometimes every day. I have four, and I hold one every morning, and at night while I watch TV or read. I made a little "guinea sling" to hold them securely, so I can walk around a bit, but they don't really like that. They like it best when I'm lying on the couch.

I'm glad colder weather is coming because one of mine LOVES my robe. She crawls into the sleeve and stays there.

Does anyone else's pigs just STARE at them while they hold them? It's disconcerting, really, I'll look down and one will just be boring her eyes into mine. It's either worship or .... trying to figure out what I am?

Popcorn's pet
09-11-06, 12:25 pm
I try to do at least 30 minutes of floor time and 30 minutes of cuddling per day, but sometimes Popcorn stays out longer, like when he naps under my shelves.

10-03-06, 10:32 pm
That would probably make me tired if I had been working like that! Anyway I like your avater's.:p

10-04-06, 11:53 am
Yeah I've played with my pig for 3 hours straight with no accedents (1 poop and thats it).

yeah, my pigs are the same way, they never make potty when out of there cage. even running on the floor. i call them "human trained" because they know that when there is human interaction outside the cage, no making potty. lol just thought i would share. i dont know why they dont do it, i didnt train them i mean, how would you train that? they just know. they are super pigs or something. lol


10-05-06, 02:34 pm
Is there ever a point that piggies can get TOO much one on one attention? Dave and I pet our girls alot when we get home from all my doc appts, and I'm constantly talking to them and watching them......I'm still at the 'new' stage where they are mesmerizing. Can you 'spoil' a piggy though and make it overly demanding later on?

Percy's Mom
10-05-06, 05:05 pm
I think they're born overly demanding sometimes. If they'll put up with it, I doubt you could give them too much attention.

10-29-06, 09:48 am
I let zippy run around while I do other stuff, so does floor time count?

10-30-06, 12:39 am
My schedule is never the same everyday. I try for at least 1hr of lap time each day while I am on the computer or reading in bed. As for floor time, I have a very loud family and three inside cats, which prevent me leaving him out for floor time from the moment I get home to before I go to bed. I usually try for 7hrs of floor time on Tues, Thurs and Sun.
Mocha's cage is in my room and I am currently working having a permenant ramp set up for floor time so he can make the choice. This would force me to be more careful of where I put my clothes. :)

PiggyPerson, Mocha is a very nervous piggy as well and is only really happy to see me when I have food or when other people are around, then he likes to hide in my hair, which sort of put me off lap time because I didn't feel that he enjoyed it very much. Over the last few months I have extended his lap time while I am at my computer and basically forced myself upon him. I am unsure of this will work for you, but he is now very comfortable with lap time. That might work for you, don't give up :) (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/../members/x0piggyperson0x.html)