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09-08-05, 06:53 am
I had just bough a new cage for over 1000 kronor (~ 120 $) when I came upon this page. Now I'm worried that the new cage might be too small for my 3 little piggies!

This is what the new cage looks like:


It's 120x65 cm, with an additional little balcony that's about 20x60 cm:


This where I house 2 nine month old cubs, and their two month old cub. I give them plenty of floor time (3-4 hours a day), but I want the best for my pigs. I live in Sweden, and I haven't found any good materials that I can use to create my own cage (I'm thinking maybe a 150x150 cm cage?). I've tried to find those white steel bars, but with no luck.

Can anyone help?

09-08-05, 07:06 am
I have two of those cages which are only used when moving house (something I do a lot), and they are too small even for 2 pigs. Despite the fact that the pups are still young, for 3 pigs living together you need a cage which is at least 30 inches x 62 inches. Try looking in the 'Alternative cages' section of the photo galleries - you may find some ideas there of good size cages made out of something other than cubes and coroplast.

Also, have you checked the sexes of the pups? Males become sexually mature at 3 weeks, so the males must be separated from the females at that age to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

I just found this thread for you: http://cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=815 and http://cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=798

09-08-05, 07:15 am
I re-counted the measurements in us inches, and it's about 48 x 26.
It's strange how shops can sell these cages, even though they're way too small :( I'm definitely going to put my mind in creating a bigger cage, I'll see what I can find around here. It really gives me quite creeps to know that my pigs have too little space, to play and run around in.

EDIT: I forgot to tell you, yes, we had the pups checked out at the vet to be certain of their sexes :)

EDIT 2: WOOT, thank you for those links, that might actually work!

09-08-05, 08:57 am
I made a cage out of wire utility shelving. It works great for me. Your black pigs are cute!

Try to make a bigger cage for them. They will suprise you with all their "jumping in the air" and antics that they do when given more room. Have fun building your new cage!! :0)

09-08-05, 09:10 am
Funnypigs, yeah I've thought about this now, and because of cavy-cool-crazy's links, I think I can get the materials needed for an expansion. I found 8 cubes for 199 kronor (20 bucks) at a hardware store not far from here, with which I can make a 144 x 72 cm (~ 2 x 5 feet) additional cage. To sum it up: the expansion will make my cage about double-sized, about 9 x 4,3 feet.

Will that do? If not, I can easily buy another set of cubes.

09-08-05, 11:08 am
Do you mean 18 cubes?

09-08-05, 11:14 am
Do you mean 18 cubes?

No, 8 cubes (1 cube is about 14 square inches, or 36 cm) will make the expansion about 2 x 5 feet . I will then attach it by removing one wall on my new cage, which is 4 x 2,7 feet. The entire cage will then be about 9 x 4,7 feet in size.

I suck at maths, so please tell me if I've counted anything wrong :S

09-08-05, 11:23 am
For a complete C&C cage using 8 grids, you can only make a 1x3 cage. Ideally you need a 2x5 for 3 pigs, so you would need to get another set of cubes to do this.

09-08-05, 11:25 am
But she is going to make an expansion - I missed that bit. That's why I thought she meant 18 grids and not 8. I'm *really* confused so I don't know if 8 cubes are enough

09-08-05, 11:40 am
Ok, ok, we're probably just misreading each other here. I'll try to explain this again, but I'm going to use centimeters this time, because I'm not very clear on feet and inches. 1 inch is approx. 2.5 centimeters. Remember, I'm going to have 3 piggys in this one.

I have right now a cage that is 120 cm long and 65 centimeters wide.

I am going to make an expansion with 8 cubes. 1 cube is 36 square centimeters. Placing 4 next to each other gives me a 144 x 72 centimeter cage. It will look something like this:


The bottom is already included in the measurements, so no need to worry about that. Now, adding this expansion to my cage will look something like this:


The expansion is = 72 x 144 cm
The original cage is = 65 x 120 cm
The new cage will be: 137 x 264 cm ~ 4,5 x 9 feet

09-09-05, 07:16 am
So are you going to add this onto the pet store cage that you have?

09-09-05, 07:17 am
So are you going to add this onto the pet store cage that you have?

Exactly :) Sorry for confusing you!