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12-05-13, 01:48 pm
I'm so glad to have found this site! I am mama to two beautiful female guinea pigs - Cookie and Zoe. Growing up I had a pair of male guinea pigs, so I thought that I knew what size cage to buy and what food would be good for my girls. Wrong! After finding this site, I've thrown out the pellet mixture with colorful bits and the salt lick, too.

Their large pet store cage looked pitifully small compared to photos of c&c cages, so I've ordered a 2x5 c&c with a wide loft. Once their c&c arrives, we will be switching from aspen shavings to fleece everywhere except the kitchen. I would never have thought that guinea pigs could live on fleece before I came here or that a kitchen area would help keep the cage cleaner.

My girls bring me so much happiness - I just want them to be happy and have the quality of life that they deserve.

12-05-13, 03:15 pm

Welcome to the site! Glad to hear you're making use of the great information here and improving your piggies' lives.

How about some pics of them, and of the new cage when it's ready?!

12-05-13, 07:33 pm
Welcome!!! Can not wait for pigtures :)!!!!!

12-06-13, 11:12 am
I'll definitely share pigtures as soon as the new cage arrives!