View Full Version : Hello! Introducing my pigs and I :)

12-05-13, 07:06 am
Hi everyone! Im kinda new here. (never posted just lingered) But I decided to give this a try!
I became a proud, first guinea pig owner on August the 18th to two 7 week old boys! (They're brothers) I adopted them
from a Guinea Pig rescue center pretty close to were I live.
They are in a 2x3 C&C cage. (Im planning to make it bigger and add a loft)

Here are the boys!
Pip is the Solid one and Akin is the two tone. (I would also like to be helped to figure out their breed. Im pretty clueless when it comes to this. Thanks!)

12-05-13, 08:02 am
Congrats and welcome! they look abbysinian to me?

12-05-13, 11:13 am
Welcome! Your guineas are adorable. I've had 2 abyssinians and 1 american short haired and yours look abyssinian to me. How cute :)

12-05-13, 11:18 am
They both look abbyssan :) Welcome to the forum!

12-05-13, 11:21 am
Thanks guys! And thanks for helping with the breed as well, its much appreciated! :)

12-05-13, 11:35 am
Very cute!