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12-04-13, 10:57 am
I was the proud mommy to Emmie, Eli & Ellie several years ago. They lived long happy lives & are missed greatly. Will be getting 2 new cavies after x-mas as first pets for my 2 kids. They are as excited as I am to have guinea pigs. It'll be hard to say who will have more fun w/ them. I will post some pics as soon as I find them.

12-09-13, 12:51 pm

Please look at local rescues and shelters for your new guinea pigs! And check out how to make your own cage by clicking on the link on the left on the front page: www.guineapigcages.com

12-09-13, 09:39 pm
Thanks for the reply. This will be my second time around w/ making a cage & already have 2 picked out at the shelter I use to work at. Have a photo posted of my Eli in his C & C cage w/ my kitten Tabitha following him.