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09-07-05, 08:39 pm

I"m new to this forum. I've been looking for a good forum for a bit now. Maybe this one will be a good one. I am a new rabbit mom/breeder. I have one minilop, 2 holland lops, 6 mini rex, one wonderful Flemish Giant and another handicapped Flemish who is the sweetest thing on earth!! Mrs. Fuzz, my minilop, is pregnant as she and Scooby (my holland boy) got out at the same time and enjoyed eachother a litte too much unsupervised! haha I think it was set up! :ohmy:

Anyhoo, Mrs. Fuzz is expected to kindle about the 23rd of this month. I only feel a few "marbles" in there, but when exactly do you recommend putting the kindling box in the cage??? Is it OK to hold the kits after a few days or do you think the first day is OK to hold and inspect them??? Does the mom bun normallly take a defensive behaviour to you holding the kits??? This is what i need help with.

Some answers PLEASE!!!!!! :crazy: I can't find any answers and the breeders that I do know aren't offereing advice.



09-07-05, 08:48 pm
Hi! I don't own any rabbits right now but I used to have 18 of them. I know that the mom will start ripping her fur out to help make the nest softer when she is getting close.
About the holding of the babies I think it just depends on mama bunny as to when she will let you hold them. My bunny let me hold the babies the first day. I put the box in like a few bofore the babies were exspected.

09-07-05, 09:02 pm
Okay, I'll be as nice as possible about this. This is not the type of forum for any breeder. This entire web site is strongly pro adoption. There are many critters out there that don't have a home and bringing more into the world makes it worse. Please don't contribute to the problem.

09-08-05, 09:56 am
I really have to add that you should of researched breeding well before you started not after the fact. I help with several rescues and hate that you dont seem to know that you just contributed to the overpopulation problem. So many needing home and now there will be more, what a shame :(

09-08-05, 11:40 am

This kind of thread makes my blood boil. All this does is compound the problem. I don't even want to know why they are being bred.

The bottom line is if you want to have all these rabbits and be called rabbit mom/breeder, then drop the breeder, have all those bunnies spayed and neutered, learn to take care of them or find homes for them and learn about the overpopulation problem that people like you are contributing to. These precious bunnies deserve better. They are going through incomprehensible murder and torture since being classifed a "chicken" anyhow. Somewhere this has to stop.


I won't apologize, since this was the wrong forum to bring this issue to. I wholeheartedly agree and support Zeander's and Kimberly's position on this.