View Full Version : Hello! I also need some advice about my piggy!

12-03-13, 03:26 pm
Hello I'm new to this forum. My name is Nia and my guinea pig is named Sesshomaru but everyone calls him Boo Boo. He is three years old and I love him very much.

Unfortunately I gave him a bath last night (For the second time ever since having him. The first one I gave him was back in August) and he freaked out. The first time I ever gave him a bath he barely flinched. I got some soap in his eyes (Squeaky Clean by SuperPet that I bought at Petco but it said it's tearless). It flushed out and he seems to be seeing fine but since the bath he hasn't stopped itching himself and scratching/biting his fur near his grease gland. last night was the first time I have ever cleaned it. I have noticed he hasn't been eating as much and I haven't seen him drink since last night. I have given him a couple pieces of romaine lettuce and some kale and rinsed it under cool water to get some more water intake for him. He's eating some hay right now.

I schedule a vet appointment tomorrow at 9am for him so I am hoping and praying he will be alright until then.

Anyone have any advice for me?

Thank you and I am happy to be a member here

12-09-13, 12:57 pm
Hello! Welcome! I am so sorry I missed this. How did the vet visit go? Sounds like mites to me--when bathed, pigs with mites seem to have more discomfort.