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12-02-13, 05:53 pm
I've been lurking on the forum for a little while now. This place actually really helped me set up my c&c cage and fleece liners. I taught myself how to (badly) use a sewing machine and made liners, pee pads, and even little piggie beds. I also adopted our beautiful girl through Craigslist. We've had her a little over a month now and she's such a joy in our lives. Family members have gotten a friend for her that will be delivered to us in a week or so, so I might have questions about how to introduce the little ladies and make the transition as stress-free as I can.

i have no idea why my pictures are upside down. I blame my iPad. They're right side up everywhere else, but showing up upside down here. Anyway, here's my sweet Garnet!

12-09-13, 12:58 pm
Hello! Sorry I missed this!

I love your upside down pigs! Have you introduced them yet?