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11-25-13, 10:01 am
Hi everyone. I've had guinea pigs for a couple years now and have used the forum for lots of info, it just took me awhile to sign up.

Our guinea pig story:
My husband and I got two abysinnian baby boys, Ani and Obi, at a pet store two years ago. They were cuddled up together in the cage when we first saw them, and besides some normal teenage squabbling they were the best of friends. This past August I came home one day to find sweet Ani dead in the cage. I'd seen no warning signs, he was just gone. Saddest day of my life. Our vet says a stroke or a heart condition. Of course Obi was totally depressed without his friend. He had always been the energetic one, but now just sat in his cage moping. He even hated floor time and would always try to get back to the cage. I think he thought Ani would eventually come back to the cage, like he always had before, and Obi wanted to be there.

Knowing what I know now I wanted to rescue some pigs. However, we live in Chattanooga, TN and there isn't a guinea pig rescue here, and the local shelters didn't have anything at the time. So I took Obi to the awesome rescue in Knoxville to get a new friend. And we came home with three, much to my husband's surprise :-) Oops. Now Obi is the dominant pig (he's totally thrilled b/c Ani used to be the dominant one). One new pig is Chewy, a short hair who is about 3. He is the most docile, mild, sweet boy ever. If the younger pigs rumblestrut at him he usually just looks at them like, "really? Why should I care? I'm too old for this." He's really a calming influence on all the other pigs. The other new ones are Han Solo, 4 months, and Artoo, 3 months. I think they're silkies: their hair keeps getting longer, but no part. Artoo lately is displaying some hormone-induced rambunctiousness, but for the most part they love each other and all hang out with each other. I love my little herd!

11-25-13, 10:30 am
I am so sorry for your loss but congrats on your new additions! and Welcome, you will find tons of info here. Would love to see some pigtures of your star wars boys?? LOL