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11-24-13, 11:47 pm
My name is Kim (go figure, lol). My 9 y/o daughter just joined 4H and decided she wanted a cavy. To be honest, guinea pigs kind of freak me out. It's something about the squealing... but I'm hoping I can grow to love them. The week old babies that I held last week melted my heart. We won't be getting our babies until mid-December. Mia picked out a solid American sow in a reddish-brown color. Then I came home and started investigating more about cavys and found that they need a friend, soooo.... I'm hoping to get a tortoise-shell American sow from the same breeder. Those babes were due last week, so I hope I can bring one home at he same time as the other.
So, the plan is to build a grid cage, I'm thinking 2X5, and using fleece flippers in it. I already have the fleece. I'm so excited about making the flippers and some toys, that I'm planning to make some for my step son's rescue guinea pigs. He's using a C & C cage with shavings at this time. I think he might like the flippers. I haven't seen his pigs since he has his own apartment. He's had them for a year, so I'm really relying on his expert advice, lol.

Anyway. I can't wait to get to know you all. Off to investigate the forums.