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11-24-13, 11:33 am
Its been a heck of a week for me, i celebrated my birthday last weekend, and this weekend my guinea pig "Lamb" passed away. She was a white Merino with blue eyes. I plan to seek another just like her. She was due for surgery this tuesday but she didnt make it. I havent cried like a baby for a long time, but i cried for that pig.

In the time i had to research her condition a million times over and stew on the fact there was no easy fix and prepare that she may die anyhow, i realized how much of a stupid noob i am. Theres a lot more to piggies than i ever imagined and these couple i have being my first ones have definitely been a learning experience. Some of the things ive been learning have made me feel really unprepared for them. I thought i was prepared, i thought i was the boss and i had it all out there and set. But nope. So here i am!

My princess piggies mean more to me than the earth itself. I will go to the ends of the earth to make them happy. I just hope i receive no bad judgement for my lack of knowledge. My house is small but the first thing im going to try for is a cage upgrade. Being on a disability pension means i receive peanuts instead of money, so i plan to try baking cakes and cupcakes to raise the funds i need. Trying to look on the brightside here, being "disabled" (I put in quotation marks because i dont really like the label itself) means i have a lot of time around the house with my animals. Eventually i would like to foster pigs in the area.

All that aside im a really easy going kinda person, bit of a loner and pretty damn shy. Im working on the shyness however and this big long post is part of me working on it. Normally i wouldn't even post. Bit of a hippy at heart, the tree hugging kind, not the smoking kind. I love craft and anything and everything to do with it, i want to learn to crochet but my hands are too retarded, and id love to learn to sew.. even just got a sewing machine last week.. Buuuut im petrified of it. I LOVE VIDEO GAMES O___O;

My current Piggies are Applejack, sometimes called Applejerk by my boyfriend because she doesnt like him, and Panda. AJ is about 8 months old at a guess, and Panda is more like 12 weeks old. Ive had lots of issues taming AJ, but Panda is coming along very nicely and already eats out of my hand.

I hope this is a good enough introductory post and i hope some of you feel like id be a great friend to you all :)
Ill do my best not to be frightened away.

11-24-13, 12:03 pm
Welcome! Sorry to hear about Lamb. It is so hard loosing pets, I believe the littlest are the hardest because they are just so cute and full of life. I understand what you mean by thinking you were the boss of pigs, I did that too! Once I found this site I realized how wrong I was. Now, I feel as though I am the boss of piggies again, and am still learning every day! I hope you can upgrade to a larger cage, they will be much happier! I love the names of your pigs, BTW.Good luck in the pigster world, and again welcome to the forum!

11-25-13, 12:18 am
Thanks! i want to get more pigs eventually. Most likely after i upgrade my cage. Ive showed my bf already the wealth of info on this site and we are already on the way to a bigger cage, fingers crossed.

11-25-13, 12:32 am
Welcome from WA!
Extremely sorry for you loss, it's amazing how such small creatures can have such a big impact.

11-25-13, 01:35 am
Yay more aussies!
Welcome to the forum :) I'm sure most of us started that way! we all learn new things from a bit of research :)

11-25-13, 09:38 am
Hey thanks everyone, im feeling very welcome :D Perhaps a bit further down the track can some aussies hook me up with buying another pig. I dont mind rescuing or whatever either! I love all pigs :) I might get another for xmas. Not allowed more than 3 though, due to the area only really being big enough for three.

Thanks again for the welcomes! :3c